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Matching advice appreciated

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     Hello gentlemen, using my first post virginity to ask you fellows for some advice. A small intro to get you acquainted, I am 24 in Orlando, FL and very new to the sport coat atmosphere. Since 18 I have ditched t-shirts and gone mostly polos and long sleeves as it is a more appealing style to me. Although I recently decided it's time to step it up. I am not well off so my first two sport-coats purchased the other day are nothing fancy but will do a nice intro. First is a navy CK which after reading your helpful posts, I know what to wear with. Second, which is why I am here is a Pronto Uomo, which I would like advice on.,-gray-check_12001_60433_12751_700008222_-1_60433_____noSpecialSizes


I am 5'10", 160lbs, 38 chest and 30/32 pants, oh and vampire pale complexion.


Now I am willing to get 1-2 pairs of pants,1-2 shirts and a couple ties, but I will list what I currently have for usage. Also Is this style only for business, or will it work fine for outings?



Long sleeve dress shirts - White pinstripe, Dark maroon pinstripe, Black pinstripe, 2 different material solid black shirts, Dark Grey w/light Grey pinstripes, Navy w/white cross stripes.

Dress slacks - Black, Navy, Beige/Tan (partially colorblind):

Ties - 1 Solid black skinny, 1 multi-red w/black diagonal stripe skinny, 1 purplish w/blue diagonal stripe

Shoes - Black croft and barrow lace ups, Ambergold Clovehitch loafers, Walnut Clovehitch loafers



Now I know what your thinking, too much to choose from eh? Also, can I pull off non-collared shirts with certain jeans? If so please recommend what wash of jeans you would wear and if a nice Armani or similar brand t-shirt would work.

Pardon my fashion ignorance, I know I have much to learn. Any and all help is appreciated.

TLDR - Match clothes to that link.




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It's a little hard to tell - does the jacket look just solid gray from 3 ft away? Or can you tell it's a black and white pattern?
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Originally Posted by unbelragazzo View Post

It's a little hard to tell - does the jacket look just solid gray from 3 ft away? Or can you tell it's a black and white pattern?

Edit, I suppose from 10 feet it looks solid gray yes, but within you can see the pattern.

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Get a couple of white Oxford cloth button down shirts. You can wear those and dark jeans together with this jacket. Or, of course, some mid-grey flannel trousers, the ne plus ultra of odd trousers. Get these items and get rid of your black shirts and black pants and you will have taken a significant step to dressing better IMHO.

You have some more latitude if your vampire complexion comes with black hair. This is one of the few cases where black can look good. In this case still get the items I mention above but you might still be able to wear the black stuff.
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Thank you much good sir.

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It does kind of look solid gray there, do maybe stay away from gray pants with it. Still get gray pants though. I recommend some kind of brown for your next sport coat.
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It's Florida. Flannel is almost certainly not going to work. In addition to jeans, tropical-weight wool pants (dark gray, perhaps), chinos, cotton trousers, and linen or linen-cotton blend pants could 'match' with the jacket. In Florida, wool pants on (presumably here) a young person likely would be overdressing in a non-work situation.

Collar-less shirts go with most jeans, though dark wash blue jeans often call for something dressier.
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