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Are these Lucky Jeans tacky? *Pictures*

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Okay so I'm new to posting but I've been checking out the board for a while and have really learned a lot. I am in a state of crisis right now and I was hoping for some advice.


So I'm a little newer to fashion a.k.a. actually thinking about what I wear and I've not progressed very far I'm getting there slowly but surely. One of the first lessons I learned is that buying expensive jeans is not a waste of money. They actually last longer than 4 months and they real denim is actually incredibly comfortable to wear. I wear Lucky right now, and I know they are not considered the best and are a little overpriced, but they fit me really well for some reason. I've tried on more expensive ones at Nordstrom's and Lucky just work for me right now. Though I am looking for a brand to eventually replace them. Anyway, I just got some Lucky's in the mail and I'm pretty sure I hate them. My last pair was exactly like this and I bought them 9 months ago. I let it slide the first time because in the past Lucky jeans weren't like this but I guess this is how they are "pre-distressing" all their jeans now because I just bought another pair and they have this horrible stripe still like my last pair.. I actually looked in the catalog and this seems to be how they want them to look because the models have this fade on their jeans as well. (I bought these through the official website.)


What am I referring to? This apparent "racing stripe" I have going down the side of my legs. It's looks really bad in my opinion but I'm also a naturally self-conscious person and I over react to things. I mean tell me if you think this looks horrible or not. Here are some pictures. Yes I am standing on my bed in one of them I don't know it seemed like a good place to take a picture ha. Some of the pictures may seem a bit to close, like maybe from a distance the stripe may not seem so dramatic, but that's about as far away from my body I could hold my camera basically.







As you can see you really can't tell from just looking at the front as in the first three pictures. But once you flatten them on their side it becomes obvious. And then when you actually put them on...yeah. It becomes obvious and my main issue is it just doesn't look believable why would jeans naturally wear like that?


Tell me if I'm crazy. Again my past Lucky's haven't had this wonderful feature. But my last pair I bought 9 months ago did and I just got a new pair and here they are...with the racing stripe.

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Honestly I think they look fine. A lot of times raw denim will get faded there...sometimes called train tracks since they end up looking like tracks. 


I always get Lucky and True Religion mixed up and was thinking that's what this thread was about and was like "oh god", I really hate those back pockets on them. But your jeans look pretty good for distressed jeans. Are they boot cut?

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Train tracks eh? Well good to know there's a definite classification out there for this phenomena. Thought I was the only one. I think they look okay for the most part. It's only when I start focusing on it that I start to get a little suspicious of the aesthetic value. I wore these jeans with a colored shirt tucked in today just in my room and I remember not even being able to notice them unless I really looked. So it's not bad. Could live without it though...


Yeah I called Lucky and basically told them not to wreck my jeans/poke holes in them before they sent them to me but they said they couldn't do anything about it. The only "frayed" parts are the bottoms of the back pockets. So could be worse. I personally like Lucky because the back pocket is a little more inconspicuous. I don't like big designs. I saw some Rock & Republic that were out of control at Kohl's the other day. Yes I guess Kohl's carries that brand now?


Yeah they are bootcut. I can't decide if I should be doing straight leg or bootcut. That's the other fashion crisis I am experiencing right now. I'm athletic body type, 5'6'' with 30'' waist. I've read arguments that I should be wearing both the one and the other.

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i remember Lucky was the first brand I go into when I started making conscious choices about clothes. Some of their washes aren't too bad IMO. Train tracks fades are caused by selvedge inseam that runs down the leg, so I guess that pair really goes out to be authentic-looking.

They all have pretty terrible leg flair though. I still have a very light pair that I'm considering having tapered in order to avoid by another washed pair.

You'll probably want something more tapered later on though. I don't know what it is but tapered leg is just more "fashion forward", for some reason which I don't know.
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Most Lucky brand washes are fine if nothing great (yours included) and fortunately Lucky doesn't indulge in tacky stitching like True Religion does, but the cuts are all too flared. A straight or tapered cut looks much better on most people. If you are in the Lucky price range, I would just stick to Levi's. But no reason not to wear these jeans if you already own them; they look fine. I have never tapered jeans but that is an option. I would not even notice the "racing stripe."

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