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[UK] - half-decent slim fit marcella shirt?

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Where on earth can I buy one from? Having a new DJ made up and I want a decent shirt to go with it. I could go MTM with the same people making the DJ (Cad and the Dandy), but I'm just curious to see what you guys think. I have checked out a few places before coming here. Clermont direct's fabric is apparently a bit nasty. Thomas Pink's slim fit didn't look remotely slim on their virtual mannequin. In fact, that last problem is perhaps the most serious of the lot. Are people deluded about what a slim fit is when it comes to evening wear? I have the problem that the shirts are always a bit blustery, if you know what I mean... 

I'm 20, 6ft with a slim/lean build. I've a few ideas such as...


But the latter's quality was called into question and it's hard to appropriately gauge the former's size. Should I just go MTM? 

Oh, last point, needs to take studs. And if you have any advice about studs, I'm all ears. ;) 

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Clermont Direct's marcella front shirt is supposed to be nasty??? Well, I'll let you know after mine arrives tomorrow.
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For the record, the bow ties I've bought from Clermont Direct are very nice indeed.
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Please do let me know. I have a shirt I picked up at a shop in Cambridge, but I'd really love to get a better one and if the Clermont is fine, I'll probably go with that. :) 

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I have the Charles Tyrwhitt shirt, and have no issues with its quality. It is their Slim fit model, not Extra Slim, so it may still be slightly loose on you. A decent tailor should be able to take it in for you. It does take studs.

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