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Bespoke Tooled Cowboy Boots

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As I mentioned earlier this summer, I was about to expand beyond the conservative, plain-foot cowboy boots of my past and venture into something more exotic. Well, the J. B. Hill cognac anteaters were a "first step" in that they are triads (the last pair of legal hides they had were too small for a full foot). But later on this summer, I took advantage of a Falconhead Tres Outlaws sale and jumped for a pair I have ogled for too long: Tooled mahogany (#14076) with a 3/4" X toe. These made-to-measure beauties arrived this week and I am stunned at their magnificence, and yet they are very lowkey; they could just as well be John Lobbs...with lift heels.nod[1].gif

The tooling is unbelievable artwork that is just near impossible to find these days, and I'll add much more believable "HAND" work than Lucchese's "hand-tooled" tops that are just too identical on each boot to be genuine handwork.

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Those are fantastic! Do you mind if I ask what they costed?

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Wow fancy boots!!!


Where's DWFII our forum bootmaker!

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I live in Dallas and we have a JB Hill location here. I don't know that the boots are made here, but at the very least I think I can walk into a store, check out inventory, and get measured for some customs. I just want to know if it's going to be so far out of my price range that I should just stay home rather than look like a fool for asking.


EDIT: I misspoke. We have a couple of places that sell them, but no actual JB HIill shops.

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Those are awesome- please take some more pics of that tooling, it looks like some of the best I've seen.
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