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Samuelsohn MTM Advice

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Hi everyone. Just to introduce myself, I've been lurking in the SF forums for a few weeks, and have been able to pick up tons of great information. I really appreciate being able to hear everyone’s unbiased opinions based on their own experience.
First some background: I am 30 years old and work in the financial services industry in downtown Toronto. The department I work in isn't "client facing" as it were, and as a result, the dress code is business casual. The typical male wardrobe for 85% of the people in my office is a dress shirt and dress pants (myself included). Some of the people tend to dress a little bit better, and some a little worse, but most are generally in that ballpark. The remaining 15% is mostly made up of the senior managers and executives, who tend to adhere more strictly to conservative business dress (although even within that group there is a little variation).
That being said, I do wear a suit and tie when I have off-site meetings, which usually tends to be once every week or two. I also occasionally wear a suit to work when I'm just in the mood to “dress it up” a bit. I currently own three fused run-of-the-mill OTR suits that I've owned since I finished university (i.e. quite a few years ago). The quality is so so, although given my infrequent use, they have actually held up fairly well (I wear the pants on their own quite a bit). But I just don’t think they look particularly good any more. More than anything, I figure that 30 is a good time to start investing in some higher-quality clothes for work. I’ve already started putting together a list of “upgrades” that I am considering (namely shirts and shoes), but am focusing mainly on the suit right now so that’s what I will stick to in this post.
Based on what I have read in other threads, I've been gravitating towards a Samuelsohn "Gable" two piece, possibly MTM. For reference, I'm 6'2" and 185 pounds. My current suits are 42T with 36/34 pants. I have a hunch that a 41 somewhere between a regular and a tall may work better for me, as much of my height is in my legs (my torso is fairly average and my arms/chest aren’t exactly huge). But I'll need to try them on to know for sure.
I'm certainly willing to buy OTR if I can find something that fits me very well. However, Harry Rosen’s downtown locations have a Samuelsohn trunk show running for the next couple of weeks. This leads me to a few questions:

1. I understand from other threads that the trunk shows usually provide a 10% discount on Samuelsohn MTM suits, which means that a two-piece Samuelsohn MTM would start around $1100 (for the basic level cloth). Is this an accurate assumption? Or have prices increased in the last few years?
2. Would the pricing of Samuelsohn suits be pretty much the same at HR as with other non-HR stores that carry them (ignoring trunk sale discounts)?
3. If I do decide to go the Sammy MTM route, is there any good reason why I would go somewhere other than HR?
4. Assuming that I take the plunge and go the HR MTM route, is there a particular HR location that people suggest? I work very close to the First Canadian Place and Eaton's Centre locations, but could certainly make the trek to the flagship store in Yorkville if that was a better idea (e.g. more knowledgable SAs, better OTR selections, etc).
Thanks in advance for your help; I really appreciate it and look forward to hearing what you think!
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1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Maybe. Based on my experience, SAs at HR can be hit and miss. Ive had many SAs try to convince me that fusing is just as good as canvassing. If you go to HR, go there well educated or they'll try to sell you Boss, Armani Collezioni or Versace Collection. It can be frustrating.
4. Location doesn't really matter; there are good SAs and bad ones. I've had SAs in Yorkville try to sell me items that were obviously too big on me just so they could make a sale.

So basically what I'm trying to say is don't see the SA as an impartial source of information.

And just as an FYI, Samuelsohn is a great choice for MTM. It's probably one of the best values in North America.
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Thanks for the advice othertravel, that's very helpful. What you say about HR is what I've heard as well; that there are some decent SAs but also some that are best avoided.


Everything I've read about Sameulsohn seems to suggest that it's an excellent value, and of a quality that can be expected to last for years. I was actually not really aware of the Samuelsohn brand before coming to SF, but have since come to understand that it is generally considered to be an excellent choice value-wise for a good quality full-canvassed suit. The funny thing is that my dad bought me a black blazer when I graduated from high school many years ago. I always liked it and thought it fit me really well, but only got a couple years of infrequent use out of it as I was one of those weird people who actually lost weight when they went away to university. As a result, it became way too big on me and has sat in my closet collecting dust ever since. Just out of curiosity, I dug it out the other day and discovered that it was actually a Samuelsohn, which may explain why I always liked it. I was also in the Bay the other day, and took a few minutes to try on a few Samuelsohn "Gable" model sport jackets that they had (yes, believe it or not they do carry a few Samuelsohn items, although their selection was very small). I really loved the way that the jackets fit (and looked).


Does anyone else have any experience/advice with Samuelsohn at HR? I notice that the Samuelsohn rep will be on site at the Bloor & Eatons Centre locations on the 17th, and at the FCP location on the 22nd. Is it worth it to visit when they are in-store, or will it really make any difference?

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Better to get fitted when the reps are on site. They can provide better advice on option and fits than hoping you get a SA that knows as much as them.
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Thanks for the suggestion, gsugsu. I may wander over to the Eaton's Centre location tomorrow to check it out, and will let everyone know how it goes.
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So, change of plans. I checked out the HR in the Eaton Centre today, and ended up going with an OTR charcoal shadow stripe J.P. Tilford (Samuelsohn) "Ashton" suit (42T). My reasoning was:


1. A MTM Samuelsohn, even with the event discount, was more expensive than I had anticipated. A two-piece with basic-level cloth and no custom add-ons started around $1220, including the event discount. In looking at the price guide, it appears that the normal (non-event) MTM starting price was around $1400.


2. Since this is my first higher-quality suit, it wasn't my intention to get too many bells and whistles. In fact, surgeons cuffs were really the only thing that I had in mind. I was also planning on getting a basic level cloth. As a result, I questioned myself if the MTM option was really neccesary, at least at this stage of my wardrobe upgrade.


3. The OTR model actually fit me quite well as-is. It needed a little lengthening of the right sleeve, and the back to be brought in a tad, but other than that I think it looked pretty good.


After mentioning surgeon's cuffs to the SA, he went and confirmed with the in-house tailor that they would be able to add the cuffs to the OTR model for $50 (i.e. the same as they would charge for the cuffs on a MTM).


One question: Does anyone know what the non-Rosen name for the "Ashton" model is? It had some light padding and slight roping on the shoulder, but nothing too pronounced. It was also a little bit slimmer than the other Samuelsohn models that they had in-store. In fact, looking through the MTM guide, there was really only one other model that looked to be slimmer (I believe the Tilford name was something like "Richard II", but I could be wrong). I really wish that Harry Rosen just used the standard Samuelsohn model names so that it was easier to compare apples to apples, but I guess that's part of the appeal of a private label to a retailer. Namely, that they get to have "exclusive" names for their styles.

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I hope it turns out well after the adjustments. Do you know if it's full or half canvas?
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Full canvas. Just to be sure, I did a pinch test between the lower buttonholes and felt a layer between the fabric.

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Also, just in case anyone is interested, the cloth is 110's. According to the label, it was woven in Italy, for what it's worth.

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Originally Posted by Firefox View Post

Full canvas. Just to be sure, I did a pinch test between the lower buttonholes and felt a layer between the fabric.

All Sammy's garments are full canvas.  Great value.

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That is waht I like about Samuelsohn suits. Fully canvased and mine has a dark blue silk lining and drapes well on the body. Worth every penny.

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That is waht I like about Samuelsohn suits. Fully canvased and mine has a dark blue silk lining and drapes well on the body. Worth every penny.

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That is waht I like about Samuelsohn suits. Fully canvased and mine has a dark blue silk lining and drapes well on the body. Worth every penny.

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Sorry for the triple posts!

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Just to bump my question from earlier:


Does anyone know what the non-Rosen name for the "Ashton" model is? Or, for that matter, the standard/Tilford names of other current Samuelsohn models? If not, I may e-mail them and see if this is information that they can provide.

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