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Denim Jackets

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Got the Levi's Denim Trucker in a L and XL in two washes--one a darker wash and one that's more heavily faded.

The process of taking these pics has me leaning toward the L, only problem being tightness through the chest--I can't lift my arms over my head without the jacket shifting. XL fits better through the chest but baggier everywhere else.

Gonna be wearing this with raw denim, navy and light red/salmon chinos and some black raw later on, all likely with boots.

Thoughts on fit/wash and/or styling? Models on the Levi's website are lookin' a little stale and would like to avoid that 'dead to the world' look if possible.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
L, Dark Wash

XL, Dark Wash

L, Light Wash

Wash Comparo
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The pink popped collar polo sets it off.
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You definitely need more popped collars, arbitrary unbuttoning and rolled up arms.
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Ha...asked for styling input as well, fellas. Seems more likely to be an SF pile on though..
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Large. Definitely.
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Originally Posted by Atcmg8803 View Post

Large. Definitely.

Yeah, agreed...still debating about the wash though.
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Large without a doubt
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I think the wash color is a - wash. The both look good. Depends on the contrast you are looking for based on wearing those jeans. I like dark but have to say with those jeans I like the polo and the lighter wash coat. I buy everything dark and lighten it thru wear. satisfied.gif
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