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Top things you need to find when you move

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I was wondering what everyone thought were the top things you needed to find when you moved to a new city, either permanently or for an extended period of time.  Here is my list in descending order from most important: 1. A good hairdresser 2. A good tailor 3. A good drycleaner 4. A gym with free weights and treadmills that are available at a reasonable hour 5. An honest and quick auto mechanic 6. A bar/club with live music and cheap beer 7. A "go to" restaurant to which you can take a significant other, clients, and a college buddy you haven't seen in ten years 8. An all-night diner 9. A good shoe cobbler 10. A used CD store stocked with music in your favorite genre Although this list will vary depending on age, profession, and personal preferences, I'm sure I overlooked some obvious choices, so please chime in.
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Good list, Ambulance. I'd agree with virtually all of your choices, and add these: - a decent movie theater (not the crappy one with second-run movies that charges a buck per ticket, but a good one with stadium seating, the works) - a good grocery store (at least one "go-to" store, preferably one that stays open all night) - video/dvd rental place (as there's a Blockbuster on every other street in the free world, this shouldn't be a problem) -at least one attraction (other than a restaurant/mall/etc.) to take visitors to (i.e. aquarium, zoo, historical site, beach, mountain, whatever) - in addition to the gym, somewhere to shoot hoop/play tennis/cycle/whatever else you do -And a good mall/shopping district or street/cluster of dept. stores/etc. couldn't hurt
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Definatly good take-out food. Most important a good pizzaria; which is taken for granted in NY.
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Hi Gator and Ambulance, I agree with nearly your choices, though not necessarily with the order. As someone with a heritage of bad eyesight and a predisposition to rough wear, I would add a good optician or optometrist close to the top of the list. I would like also to substitute barber for hairdresser. Somehow, I've never gotten past my fondness for a good cut and shave at a traditional barber. When I look at gyms, I look to see that they have a heavy bag and a speed bag. My boxing skills are such that the speed bag could probably take me a a couple of rounds, and the heavy bag would have me on the canvas at the opening bell, but its a good way to work stuff out. Finally, you guys all forgot to add a good dentist and a good doctor - of course, you don't want to have to visit the latter too often.
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A rich guy!
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1. farmer's market or some place where you can get high-quality fresh ingredients
2. a good butcher that you can get bones as well as good meat from
3. a high-end grocery store where you can buy good olive oils, traditional balsamic, truffle oil and other things you wouldn't find at your local store
4. a well-stocked cheese shop
5. good wine store

You can see where my priorities lay.
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A good liquor/wine store.

A nice place to walk.

A good, preferably with a used section, book store.

A good, old fashioned grocer, which includes a real butcher.

A nice place with a patio to sit outside, have a drink, and enjoy the scenery.
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This is another one of those Night of the Living Thread posts from AC. What's up with that?
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A doctor. Nothing worse than being happy with your doctor, then moving and having to find a new one.

In my case, I have to find 3 different ones.

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It's good to see this thread brought back from 2002.

I'd go with many of the choices here, as well as a good restaurant to hang around.

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The one thing above all others that I find myself looking for when I move is a good deli.
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Medical support.
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What about the local styleforum e-friends?
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A place to buy smokes late at night

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Originally Posted by modsquad View Post
This is another one of those Night of the Living Thread posts from AC. What's up with that?

Damn, good spotting. Being it was only a few posts long, I didn't bother looking at the date of the OP. So really, why was this dredged up? Not that it isn't a good thread but I'm just saying.
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