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Tie length

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Hi all,


New to this forum so if this topic has been covered my apologies.


I am having some trouble getting my ties to fit right. I know they should just touch the belt but it feels wrong. I am wearing suits every day for work and find it more comfortable jumping in and out of the car etc. slinging my trousers a little low, more on the hips than the waist so this could be the issue. Also I am quite large with an 18" collar. My suits are vaguely 60's in style and I wear medium thickness ties in a half windsor knot.


Is it ok if the point is around my waist but with a gap before the belt?


Any help would be much appreciated. 





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Instead of apologizing about asking the question, you could have just searched to see if the topic had been covered:
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In the "standard rules" it's not ok. But my personal opinion is that you should wear  in the way that YOU define as better for you. Those rules are just suggestions. Small details like this I wouldn't bother me at all. So ask for you self.

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thanks for the link.

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