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DB Jacket, Ticket Pocket?

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Hi there,


I'm looking in commissioning a coat from a local tailor for summer weddings and garden parties. I have set my mind on a DB 6x2 in RAF blue.


Now to the questions that have arisen me:


  • I almost never opt for a ticket pocket on jackets (I prefer straight non slanted flap or patch pockets); but somehow I feel like it might look good in this special case. but I haven't seen many pictures of DB jackets with ticket pockets. Is this some sartorial mishap about to happen or should I just wing it? when do ticket pockets look good and if yes, slanted or straight? for reference I'm freakishly tall and there's usually enough space on my torso.
    Pic related (me) (Click to show)



  • next question is about lapel button holes. if this was me 1 year ago I wouldn't have thought a minute about a minuscule detail such as this, but since we are on styleforum I have to ask what is now the actual norm, regarding the amount of lapel button holes.
    two, one on each side? or just one one one blade?


The rest is actually pretty clear for me, soft shoulder, unlined, mother of pearl buttons and some chunky peak lapels.


I will update this thread with my progress.

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The ticket pocket would be a slight abnormality, as DBs are kind of "city" suits (you don't see many tweed DBs), and the ticket pocket was originally intended to hold a train tickets for traveling from city to country, and therefore would be on a more casual suit.

That being said, nobody gives a shit about that anymore. If you like it aesthetically, go for it. Normally it might seem a bit "busy" to have a DB and a ticket pocket, but since you're quite tall so that there's plenty of real estate to play with, I think it's probably fine.

On the lapel button holes, DB suit jackets traditionally have button holes on both sides. DB blazers I would guess the rule is the same, although I'm not 100% sure.I have a DB odd jacket (not a part of a suit) that was made by a knowledgeable tailor which has only one buttonhole, so it's probably not completely ridiculous.
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Re: ticket pockets: Normally, I wouldn't have a problem with putting a ticket pocket on a DB suit jacket. However, as this is going to be more of a casual, odd jacket, I think that a ticket pocket might look a bit out of place. In other words, on a grey sharkskin or PoW check DB suit, I wouldn't hesitate to have a ticket pocket, but I wouldn't choose to have one on an odd jacket in RAF blue. Having said that, though, that's my entirely subjective feeling.

Re: lapel buttonholes: I think that either is fine. I have a Canali DB suit which has buttonholes on both lapels and it looks good. Alternatively, I have RLPL and Caruso DB suits which only have a buttonhole on the left lapel. If I were having a DB jacket made up as a made-to-order item, I think that I'd go with a buttonhole in each lapel, simply because it's a detail that you don't usually get on off-the-rack clothing.
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Ticket pockets on a DB are comparatively unusual but not unknown. Given you need it for a busy social diary as opposed to work purposes, probably OK.

A button hole in each lapel is probably the classic norm for a DB. Far from all but probably a majority. Again your choice although to many eyes just one looks wrong.
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I have a DB with a slanted ticket pocket. (Dark navy blue with light blue stripes) There are times that I wish that I had not done so. But, people take notice, and always, I receive positive comments when I wear it. So, maybe it was the right decision. Somewhere, I've seen a picture of Lord Louis Mountbatten wearing such a coat.
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I have a solid navy DB suit, it looks great with ticket pockets.

Also I prefer keyholes in both lapels
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The English tailors tend to like ticket pockets on DB city suits, though they are not "required". They also have lapel buttonholes on both sides. That is required for the English, though Italians and Americans may do with only one side.
As a practical matter, you may do what you like on either of those questions with no real consequences.
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With solid color fabric and no pattern a ticket pocket can add an extra bit of visual detail that I think is attractive. But, I personally prefer them with suits rather than odd jackets. While you are at it, why not get a suit?
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For what it is worth, here is a picture of a DB suit with slanted pockets and a ticket pocket. Disregard the piece of fuzz that attached itself to the top button. happy.gif
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