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SEH Kelly ventile rain mac

Rohan Pinnacle jacket

Decent pair of navy blue cords

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might buy schneider but kinda want to spend money on stuff that would get more wear in socal weather, something like an MA-1 or a simple cardigan. at the moment i'm really interested in getting some drapey RO bottoms, a decent pair of black jeans, any interesting dress shirts, and more basics.
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Wool sweater(s).
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Originally Posted by Nil View Post

For the first time in quite awhile I have no specific purchases planned. It's a weird feeling. I'll probably get some nicer sweats and knits, but other than that, I'm out of ideas.


Perhaps a trip to NY or visit back Washington state. May actually hit up LA again and see if it is any cooler.
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Originally Posted by SirGrotius View Post

[*] Black leather jacket -- found something from BV, which I love but the price tag $5400! gives me pause

Why not get a TOJ? Great leather, MTM, and ~$700-800.


I'd recommend the black lambskin.
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-Temple of Jawnz Oxford
-Temple of Jawnz baseball jacket-Tan
-Pair of shoes to go with my black apc denim (have no idea, any suggestions)-thinking of going the side zip black boot route, but anyone have other possibilities?
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All I need is one thick as fuck crewneck sweater to layer under my Mallory jacket for when I'm in Paris/London this Christmas. Any suggestions? Considering copping an Ervell pocket alpaca in grey melange, but they're really not a great buy at retail..
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This thread needs more picturez.
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still need some king tubbys sup breezy what size am i again???
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post up some pics kk

need me some sleek black sidezips when i go stuntin in hollywood
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Navy socks

re-tailoring some gray trousers I have

Finally laying down for a proper dress shoe

Shaggy Dog

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cardigan and sweater
nice cord pants / jeans
leather jacket
BB Suits
more Drake's Tie
MC shoes / boots
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2 knits - one heavyweight and cosy and  one solid dark color.

2 wool trousers - dark slim versatile pair and another more "interesting" pair. Been lusting for some heavyweight, thick, loose fitting flannel type.

Black derbies.

Side zips or combat boots.

Long winter coat.

Hidden placket shirt.

Some kind of everyday bag that is weather resistant.

Black overdye jeans (can't believe I don't own this)


Turned out to be a lot of stuff. Will probably not have the money to get it all but I'll put up most purchases until sale.

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black derbies
white high-tops
some more shirts, probably schneider
more basics, u-necks/v-necks/socks, probably gonna get alot once uniqlos online store opens
nice slim black blazer
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Slim fitting tweed blazer.
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