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***Fall/Winter 2012 Kop list***

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Since constant struggle doesn't post much anymore I thought I'd carry the torch.

What's on your list? Anything specific or generic like mine though I have some things in mind.

For me:
-more sweats to lounge in when I travel or whenever
-lux basics like henleys and waffle tees
-black coated denim
-white oxford (still have't copped the perfect one)
-breton jumper (still haven't copped)
-possibly another pair of hightops so I don't wear out my vandals
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i think fok posted a similar thread a week or so ago
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what the fok

well this is the official thread lol8[1].gif
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a pair of longwings or wingtips
cant decide on outerwear piece toj dr/bomber/ or a quilted blazer?????
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For the first time in quite awhile I have no specific purchases planned. It's a weird feeling. I'll probably get some nicer sweats and knits, but other than that, I'm out of ideas.
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a couple of light weighted knit cardis
a pair of blue colourway flyknits
relaxed trousers - preferably a cotton/linen blend

There will always be something else i buy that i dont really need.
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some gios
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viberg service boots. not sure on the type of leather yet...
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- NC Mallory
- Pair of cordovan Alden (hopefully)
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I want to get some U neck tees or some loose tees. Thinking of splurgin on some alexander wang.

Also would like to have one more tank, a short sleeve shirt and maybe a nice pair of shorts.

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I picked up a few things on this list, already, but here's mine (somehow extremely expensive...but lots of classic pieces):
  • Slim peacoat -- found a very trim DH in a dark burgundy color
  • Brown double monks -- probably JL prestige line
  • Slim cords -- picked these up and having them hemmed now. Rich olive green, DH
  • Black leather jacket -- found something from BV, which I love but the price tag $5400! gives me pause
  • Thick scarf -- shuddering that I wore a Burberry scarf last year in the classic check. How common!
  • Wool trousers -- found a pair of Incotex that I like
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more docs
skinny leather trousers
toggle coat
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been wanting an SNS herning stark in navy for a while, maybe i'll pick one up.

also want a black toj moto but i may drag my feet a bit more on that one.
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chunky scarf (Schneider maybe)

Dr Martens

waxed black denim (no idea what brand I'm looking for here)

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