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Stylish computers?

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Well, I noticed davei has an old G3 PowerBook as an avatar... People obsessed with design probably are more likely to buy a Mac than others. True or false? What kind of computer/OS are you running?
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I'm with you on Macs and style, but then, I'm a Macintosh consultant/author. I currently have a first generation G4 tower; I'm holding out on upgrading until the G5 models start to ship.
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I work in software, sort of. I really like my job and it gives me access to all sorts of hardware. My main machines atm are two PowerBook G4s, a 17" iMac and a dual Power Mac. At home I have an ancient Pismo. All are running Jaguar most of the time. So, I might be biased by the fact that I practically live and breathe Apple.  
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I wonder if others share this perspective: Since I'm in graphic design as career, I view the computer I use merely as a tool - I don't buy into the whole "computer is a part of your style" and my criteria are fairly pragmatic: 1) I use what is most compatible with the rest of the industry 2) I use what will provide me with the highest stability and the best user support 3) I use what will enable me to do my work with the least hassle. With that said, Macs are my world. And the fact that they are the most beautiful electronic components the world has ever seen is, well, a nice bonus
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I recently bought a new Powerbook G4 to replace my nearly six year old Dell Inspiron, although I almost chose a Sony Vaio or Toshiba something because they both had 16" LCD's and I wouldn't have to learn a new OS. The Mac won because it's so much thinner and better looking. Even the power supply is designed instead of just built. It was more expensive than the Win notebooks, but an Aston Martin costs more than a Corvette, too. It seems to have everything I could need. (I only use a computer for writing, e-mailing, keeping abreast of current events, playing music, and keeping myself organised. No time for games and no talent for design/video editing/etc.) The resolution is actually too high -- I had to jack the font-size up to make it easy to read on my power-assisted eyes. I do miss Outlook, though. The Mac stuff may well be better, but it'll take some time to learn. And I wish the "open web page in new window" option in IE were easier to find. (Where is it?) Lastly, it would be so nice if my otherwise peerless cell (Siemens' S40 worldphone) had Bluetooth. I might get an Ericsson when this one dies a half-decade or so hence, but untill then, I guess it's sync Palm to PB, followed by Palm to S40. Peace, JG
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I do miss Outlook, though.
Although Microsoft hasn't yet released a free version of Outlook Express for OS X (they still have it for OS 9.x), Entourage is essentially the same as Outlook. If you're looking for a full-featured and familiar word processor, too, you might as well buy Microsoft Office X, which includes Word and Entourage, as well as Excel and Powerpoint. I never use the latter pair of programs, myself, but Word and Entourage are both great Mac programs. (Entourage is only available in the Office X package.)
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And I wish the "open web page in new window" option in IE were easier to find. (Where is it?)
Press the ctrl key while you click the link or click and hold on the link, then slide your finger on the trackpad (or move the mouse a little bit). This brings up a context menu. Or, if you're using a two-button mouse with your PB, simply right-click to bring out the menu. There might also be some keyboard shortcut I'm not familiar with.
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Also, in preferences, under Web Browser, choose Interface Extras, and select the option, "When another app asks IE to go to a web a new window."
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