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Winter jacket color questions

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After lots of consideration, I have decided that I am going to get a Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket for the upcoming Chicago winter.  However, I still have two questions, one about color and one about making a slight modification.


1. The color question: I am torn between navy blue and graphite grey. The navy is a dark navy and the graphite is a dark grey. I want a color that I can wear with everything. Brown shoes, black shoes, black slacks, grey slacks, brown slacks, and blue jeans as well.  I feel like both graphite and navy will accomplish this, but I am just wondering, will one of them do it better?  I'm going to be spending a decent chunk of cash on this coat, and I want to make sure that I get a color that is versatile and that I will be happy with. I am leaning towards navy, but I am mainly concerned about whether or not a navy jacket will look good with jeans.


2. The modification question: Do you think I can remove the Canada Goose patch from the arm?  Here is a link that shows a good example of the Canada Goose patch that I might want to remove. I think it is just stitched over the fabric, so I imagine it would not be too much of an issue. I am not buying the jacket to show off my Canada Goose. I want the jacket because I like the fit, the performance, and the functionality. I actually think the patch is pretty obnoxious, because it has become associated with $600 winter jackets.  Would it be weird to remove the patch so the coat is a tad bit less noticeable?


I have visited styleforum many times in the past, but this is my first time posting. I thank you in advance for your advice!



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I'd go for dark grey if it were me
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Update: I decided I will leave the patch on. However, my first question about navy vs grey still stands. Here are pictures of each color on a real model, so you can actually see what the color looks like. Thoughts?





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Ya you should not remove the patch..good decision! And i would recommend you to get the navy will go with everything like you said-Brown shoes, black shoes, black slacks, grey slacks, brown slacks, and blue jeans as well.

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Although I'd favor the blue, both colors appear to be equally versatile. The gray one would look better with blue jeans. I would leave the patch on as the jacket is pretty casual looking and removing the patch won't change the look of it very much. If after you wear it a while you decide the patch still bothers you, you can always remove it. You may end up getting used to it.
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Never wear that jacket to Toronto in the winter.
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