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Originally Posted by fuji View Post

lol wat? You do not get 10000l of shakes from a pound of whey. Unless your using 0.45g of whey per litre. You get maybe 50.

Too many zeros converting from ml to l


1 scoop of powder with 330ml of milk equals tasty drink.


300 scoops in 10 pounds is 100l

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I only have protein powder simply for the convenience! I usually eat meat, eggs and salad with Basmati Dressing. If I have nothing prepared in the Fridge, I just get my poweder out.

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Drink Protein only for the convenience!!

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Obviously you don't need it, but if you're serious about gaining some muscle why wouldn't you? Sure you can bring up the price point but in reality it's a lot cheaper $ to g of protein than anything you could buy.

Even setting the costs aside, the protein is usually combined with some BCAA's and other shit. I'm not up to speed with my science anymore, but trust me it helps. A protein shake is also digested way faster than any meats, beans, or eggs.

If you buy 10lb bags online you can save a lot more money too than if you went to some shitty ass GNC and buy 2lbs for $50.I'm sure as a fellow member of this site we are all guilty to spending a little much on "unnecessary" things anyways.
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On a workday I have a protein shake around lunch and nibble on a protein bar throughout the day. I rarely take time for lunch unless I have a lunch meeting.
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Originally Posted by bvll View Post

i'm 230. my ideal is 175. 

i only eat an egg for breakfast plus veggies, maybe a piece of fruit, coffee..

for lunch it's a chicken breast salad or burger salad.

dinner is usually meat + some veggies. 

i added muscle milk recently. 

How many calories are you eating per day?
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That small breakfast sounds like a recipe for starvation mode and ensuing difficulty losing weight.
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Whether or not you need protein shakes depends on your fitness goals.  If your trying to gain mass and/or get stronger, then I definitely think protein shakes help.  As someone stated earlier, a general rule of thumb when trying to gain mass is to intake daily a gram of protein for each pound you weigh.  It can be difficult to eat that much protein from solid food in a single day, especially when you consider the time it will take to prepare and cook everything, or having to lug around all those prepared meals to the office or around campus if you're still in school.  A protein shake can be more convenient at times.


If you're less concerned about gaining mass, and simply want to lose weight and tone your physique, then it's probably not necessary to intake additional protein outside of your normal meals (assuming you're already incorporating good protein sources like chicken breast in those meals).  


And as a side note, regardless if you're trying to bulk or if you're trying to lean down, eating more often (i.e. 5-6 meals daily) is always recommended, as it helps boosts your metabolism, and you are less likely to binge eat than if you were to eat 2 or 3 meals a day.

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So someone care to explain how you can be a vegetarian/vegan bodybuilder then, 'cos they exist...nest.gif
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Just hit your macros (.7g protein per lb bodyweight is the minimum given by a lot of lifters). If you want to hit that goal using protein powder, go for it.
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