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Getting ready for winter - jacket color question

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After lots of consideration, I have decided that I am going to get a Canada Goose Chilliwack jacket for the upcoming Chicago winter.  However, I still have two questions, one about color and one about making a slight modification.


1. The color question: I am torn between navy blue and graphite grey.  I want a color that I can wear with everything. Brown shoes, black shoes, black slacks, grey slacks, brown slacks, and blue jeans as well.  I feel like both graphite and navy will accomplish this, but I am just wondering, will one of them do it better?  I'm going to be spending a decent chunk of cash on this coat, and I want to make sure that I get a color that is versatile and that I will be happy with. 


2. The modification question: Do you think I can remove the Canada Goose patch from the arm?  I am not buying the jacket to show off my canada goose. I want the jacket because I like the fit, the performance, and the functionality. I actually think the patch is pretty obnoxious, because it has become associated with $600 winter jackets.  Would it be weird to remove the patch so the coat is a tad bit less noticeable?


I have visited styleforum many times in the past, but this is my first time posting. I thank you in advance for your advice!

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Theoretically, label elimination is noble and all. However, practically, while I cannot see very clearly from the link(and do not know the jacket in person), it might be problematic to remove it with zero after effects. Depends on how it is stitched or attached.

The label is not so obnoxious and obvious as is but you will be that guy with the $600 jacket, I guess. I do not think it should be a deal breaker for you. If you are ordering it, once you have it in your hands, you can find out about removing the label. I think the color of the jacket material will be fine(though there are more instances than one would think where a post label coloring has occurred and underneath a tag is faded in comparison). The stitching might leave a trace though, I am guessing. Perhaps someone else is more familiar with this jacket.


As for versatility in matching, running through the combinations, I think the gray might be a bit better for more of what you are asking about. 

Without recreating every permutation, black slacks w/blue, gray slacks/gray, jeans maybe gray, brown shoes either, black shoes/gray.

As a standalone, I would choose the blue for myself but if I am guessing at your outfit range and style, I think gray by 2 fingers.If you decide you just love the blue and go for it, I don't think you will be much worse off regarding outfit matching. 


Just a note, the color swatches in the link represent quite different shades while the pics they direct to are quite similar.

Not sure which to believe. But the dark blue and the medium, not dark, gray on the bottom would be my choices. Or maybe not, I am 

now disoriented from trying to resolve them.

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Thanks so much for your answer! Let me provide a bit of clarification, and we shall see if that changes anything...


-Here is a link that shows a good example of the Canada Goose patch that I might want to remove. I think it is just stitched over the fabric, so I imagine it would not be too much of an issue.


-As for color, the navy is a very dark navy, and the charcoal grey is a very dark grey.  I am leaning towards the navy based on personal preference.  However, if I had to had to articulate my main color concern in one sentence, it would be, "can a dark navy jacket work with jeans?"


Thanks again!

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My thoughts, as someone who owns a comparably heavy-duty winter jacket:

1. I'd worry more about how it looks with jeans than with trousers - it will not look right with trousers no matter the color, though it could potentially work as part of an outfit with jeans, boots, etc. Clothes are clothes and gear is gear - this is gear. Which is fine. Proper winter gear makes a lot of sense in cold climates, rules be damned. But proper gear will never look like part of a coherent MC outfit, so there is really no point in worrying about it. Get it in bright orange if you like - when you wear gear, wear it proudly. Dark navy would not be my choice (I seriously lean towards the orange), but it will work with jeans, yes.

2. Removing the patch is silly. You are going to wear a big, bulky jacket with an enormous fur-lined hood, and you're concerned that the patch will be too noticeable?
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While it is true that gear is not a piece of clothing and that a look with the jacket might not be as scrutinized, the outfit with the jacket on will still have a 'look'. I disagree about trousers unless some type of ugly, baggy nonsense is implied. But those never look good. 

And the navy can create a good look even with blue jeans. I have had similar one but with a sweater, jeans(skinnies or not but my jeans and pants are mostly quite slim) and some big, brown, leather winter boots. How you wear some of that matters a bit but you can see the colors in your head. And there are accessories, add a contrasting scarf or a hat, etc. In short, the navy jacket can be fine and you don't have to look like an oompa loompa even with it.

But I do love orange all too much so I am with mcbrown about that. 


The patch is not worth attempting to remove from the looks of it. I had thought it was that small one in front with the company name. That was at least worth looking into. Your minimal label whoring is fine and far better than marking, or worse, your big fancy jacket.


Now I forget which one of the two colors would be better. Hope this did not make the choice more difficult.

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That patch looks OK to me, it's quite discrete. This is extreme winter gear, designed to keep you alive when it's -40C. I would normally expect some kind of branding on it.

It would be far worse if it had "Louis Vuitton" or some other shit scrawled across it in huge letters.
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I appreciate all of your responses! I like the orange too, however, I don't want it to be that bright. I had a bright orange coat once before, and the combination of "hey nice life vest" comments I got, plus the amount of dirt that it seemed to pick up, made it a bit annoying.  Regardless, I would like to be able to wear it to work (large law firm) without being TOO out of place.  I am leaning towards navy, but still considering dark grey.  I think at some point I will have to acknowledge the fact that both navy and dark grey are super versatile, and I can't really go wrong.  But I am one of those people who second guesses every purchase, so I just want to make sure I get this one right.

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Update: SO I decided I will leave the patch on. However, my first question about navy vs grey still stands. Here are pictures of each color on a real model, so you can actually see what the color looks like. Anyone have thoughts?





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Navy. I don't care for that dark gray. There was that mid gray next to it in swatches as I said but they popped on the same so I could not reckon between them.

Also, for some reason, the jeans on the model with gray are putting me off.

Short answer, navy.

Unless you go orange but then you will have the same jacket as mcbrown and myself.

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