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Went today as well, picked up a couple of ties and plaid merino scarves for spring. Nice selection though very crowded around noon.
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Lovely tie

My haul today
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Thanks Gy

Nice work there ^ nod[1].gif
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Got there around 4:30 and I was the only customer. By 5:00 I had 6 ties in hand and it was getting packed again. Was glad to be there when quiet as I had a nice conversation with the gentleman from Drake's. As of around 5:15 PM there were still a lot of ties to choose from so I feel like you won't be wasting your time if you plan on stopping by tomorrow.

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Originally Posted by gyasih View Post

Lovely tie

My haul today Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Damn I need that brown neat in the center.
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Here's my kop from the Drakes sale! Spent 1.5 hours there this morning slowly perusing the collection and enjoyed my time. All the staff were very helpful and they noted everything is currently out in the open (there's a huge amount of stuff so not slim pickings). I just focused on ties and pocket squares although not too many squares left (but there were a lot of the brown ones as seen in my pic). Great time!

Here's a pic of the tie tables:
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Are they cheaper in store than online? Or is it just a case of wider selection?
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There is a great selection of ties but if you're not there when the place opens, its too annoying to sift through once its all been rummaged through. I was able to get down there briefly but I looked at the ties for about 2 minutes and gave up. That being said, the selection is such that I found 3 great prints in about 30 seconds.

If you take advantage of the 3 ties for $150, I think that's the best deal in town at the moment.

But I think the better deal was on knitwear - I picked up the light grey shetland crew-neck sweater (GBP 155 on the Drake site for $95) and a light brown cashmere button down vest that I don't even see offered online in that color - The Drake's fellow had the same one on though (GBP 295 for $95). I went for a medium on the vest since I plan to wear it under a SC, and I went up a size on the shetland because Sweetu was wearing the same sweater in a medium and it looked pretty snug on him and he's more like a 38 (I'm a 42).

Also picked up a red gingham dress shirt (I went up a size from 16 to 16.5 based on last year's shirt purchase and its a great fit at 1/2 neck size up).

Not as good as last year, and not sure I would fly in or anything like that, but pretty good sale all in all.

I'll try to post pics this weekend.
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Originally Posted by Loathing View Post

Are they cheaper in store than online? Or is it just a case of wider selection?

There is a drakes sale going on in NYC so that's the reason for the great deals and warehouse looking setting.
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Thanks for the clarification. I did guess as much.

I do wonder what the London sale looks like. For some reason English companies usually offer much better sales to their American customers. (Well, I know Drake's isn't English any more.)
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Your avatar just made me do a double take.
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[Cross-posting with Manhattan Sales Alert and Recent Purchases]

Some pictures of purchases from the Drake's sale at CHCM:

For more pics and ramblings regarding the sale:
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New collection online. A few good ties there, but the hanks are especially amazing.
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I was hoping they'd have their Ascot Chang button-down polos for summer...
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