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44 usually, but based on what I've read in regards to sizing in these, sounds like I may be better with a 43.
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are the vintage achilles posted by arigold black or navy? haven't seen any black vintage achilles in stores

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What about the famed New Editions? They should have materialized in time for Spring 2012, then they were pushed to September and now it seems that they never want past prototype stage.
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^arent they canvas and in the $200ish price range?

Maybe they realized that was a bad idea and scrapped them
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where to buy black bball highs in 43????
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I just bought the Vintage Low Navy. Does anyone know if it's normal for the numbers to be kind of faded? Or am I too picky about it? My first time buying CPs.


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yes that happens, I have those in hi, isn't the pebbled leather awesome?

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TBS just did a restock of CPs. Got a pair of low achilles white for $248 shipped with my 15% code.

Lots of sizes left, I'm sure they'll go fast tho.
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Funny this was mentioned as I also just received a pair of the Vintage Low Navy in 41. In short, they tore my heels up with blisters this morning. I also own the Tournament Low Suede and Low Cap Toe in 41 and neither have issues with size. Though they do not have any padding and are made of a softer less structured material.

The back of the heel has a very hard rounded edge. I am hoping that they stretch out a little in the top of the heel. Overall the shoes feel a little more fitted than the distressed leather and suede pairs I mentioned above. This shoe has a lot more padding though but I cant understand why this back of the heel is so firm and not a nice rounded smooth surface.

I've taken the laces out of the highest hole as I did with my olive tournament low's which made them more comfortable. The issue is the 'vamp' (I think that's it) of my foot. I've got seriously high arches and the top of my foot sits very high. Common Projects are notoriously narrow, and sizing down one also in the length can make for a tight fit width wise. I am a G width in Grenson's as an example.

The issue is not only the lack of softness of the leather in the heel, it's the fact that the stitching/join is right in the middle and is hard (due to all the material/stitching). Either side of it, the leather is nice and soft. I think they could have solved this heel issue by having a smooth single piece in the back of the heel with it stitched in just either side of it.

In addition to the heel issues, I can see/feel the width of my foot pushing against the surface/side of the shoe in these 41's. Whereas the other 41's I have sit nicely (fitted) but my foot isn't pushing on the sidewall. Could very well be the reason the other ones split open on the widest parts of my feet (a few pages back I posted pics of this with another pair).

41 is 100% the right size length wise for me. However with the shoe being firm (nappa) and super narrow, there is no real stretch. So the toe box feels cramped. In reality, its not the toe box overall, but the pinching on the 'knuckles' or widest parts of my feet. If I went up to a 42, they might be fractionally wider, but probably too long. I imagine the end of the shoe would bend/crease a lot at the base of the toe (where the laces end). Standing up my big toe is easily 1cm short of the tip of the shoe as you can see below.

Finger is showing exact length of big toe. Right pic is where my foot is pushing into (out) of the wall. It's actually pushing out worse on the inside of my foot (but I didn't take a picture).

The next pair I buy / try on will be a 42. I can deal with these ones though and I think they will probably stretch out a little which will be much more comfortable in time. With my Lanvin's, I bought them in an 8UK and they are probably a little too big for me. However I can tighten them up enough so it's not noticed and they feel comfortable.

Do CP's change much in the width as they go up in size (ie; 41 to 42)? Or is it really just the length?
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Hi, i'm keen on the vintage achilles. The only CPs i've tried on are the desert boots and they seemed to fit true to size (i.e i'm an 11 and 44 fit me best). Are the achilles sized differently? Should I really be sizing down one as most sites mention?
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That's very odd because I'm personally 10.5-11 also and I wear 10 (43) in Desert Boots and I can size down about .5 more for a total of 1.5 down.


For Achilles, I size down 1 (I wear 43). It was a bit snug at first, but stretched out nicely after a few wears.

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that's a helpful review elisix, thanks for posting. i had similar problems, particularly with the width ( i have wide feet). ended up going up a size, i can deal with extra room in the toebox, it's certainly preferable to the pain of pinching you describe.
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honest question. how do people get TSB coupon codes?

Thanks in advance
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^buying shit (they come in the box), following them on twitter, and bookface.

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I googled bookface frown.gif
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