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I just bought a dress shirt and suit from Black Lapel, an online M2M shop that operates similarly to Indochino. Since there is a lack of pictures/reviews/info about BL online, I decided to post some of myself. Please bear with me... I know they're not the best pics.


How is the fit? In my opinion (I'm completely new to this btw), the pants seem to fit perfectly (which is why I'm not pictured wearing them). The shirt seems good for the most part, but something seems a little off about the right (my right) shoulder. It also does seem a little tight in the stomach area, which might actually be how it's supposed to be, and I'm just not used to it. However, the suit seems a big large in the shoulders. The sleeves also seem to be a smidgen long. Also, is the top button supposed to line up with my belly button? It's about two inches above. Is that an issue?

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