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Cell phones....

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Well, I'm shopping for a cell phone, and wasn't sure where to post this topic. I'm looking for something that will fit comfortably in the inside pocket of a sportcoat, like my faithful Smythson planner has....*may it rest in peace*. I'd really like to find a phone with to do list/ planner-like capabilites for my daily schedule, compat with desktop computer, maybe a camera for work use. the two phones i've liked so far are the sony ericsson T610 and Nokia 2600, altho any "Bond like" phone would be good, esp something not everyone in the office is carrying from Sprint or similar make. thanks.
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Think we usually put gadget discussions here.
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I had the T610 it's a good phone but the camera function is basically useless, the picture quality is sad. Personally I think it's a stupid function anyway, mostly appeals to teenagers otherwise it rarely fulfills any serious need. If you can live without the camera I suggest you get the Siemens SL55, it's a really cool phone with the Bond feel to it that you mentioned. Only bad thing about this phone is that the standby and talk times are very low compared to other phones in the market. You can also look into the Samsung V200, kind of bulky and I don't really like flips but otherwise an excellent phone with a good camera, if you need that...
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