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Ascot Chang tie matching help (2x)

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Hello hello! First question for you fine gents out there. Recently got 2 beautiful Ascot Chang ties (along with various others) as a hand-me-down from my dad (never worn). His office used to be suit-n-tie every day but no more, so doesn't need quite the same size closet he had. I like the mix of physical pattern in the design of these two, but the colors are complex enough I'd love to know what shirts you think these would go with.


In case the colors are too washed out to see.. Both have alternating fabric patterns (flat and houndstooth, almost)


The left one has broad grey/silver and yellow stripes along with thinner orange pinstripes.Yellow and grey is more straight forward than the other tie (which is really bugging me) but I've never really worn orange of any kind so just wondering.

The right one is white along with stripes of pink, white, and dark dark maroon/red stripes. This one really throws me because white is one color (for ties) I'm not familiar with. It'd be too washed out by a white shirt, right? Light blue (since it goes with each color individually)?


Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Do you plan on wearing a suit or jacket/trouser combo or are you one of those shirt and tie only blokes?

Personally, I take issue with the latter so I have no recommendation. If the former, please add any additional info/colors/combos, etc.

that will yield a more complete picture.


Note, in the picture the 'white' you refer to does not look white though I realize that the white paper does not look perfectly white either so

just confirm the whiteness in that tie.

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Very limited wardrobe at this point, but definitely looking for suit/tie ideas. At this point that would mean navy, navy pinstripe, charcoal, and charcoal pinstripe. Have a brown herringbone coat (really too heavy to call a sportscoat) and dark grey sports coat as well.

And yes, the second tie is white. Sorry for the crummy lighting.

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I would say mid grey suit for the pink tie.
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Originally Posted by ELG View Post

I would say mid grey suit for the pink tie.

Thanks very much for the reply! Any idea on shirts, though? That's what I'm really concerned about. Especially with that one, should I go grey shirt/grey suit?

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Monochrome shirt/suit combo? That is worse than monochrome shirt/tie combo.

No gray shirt.

Blue and gray offer plenty to riff with as suit colors. You can switch up the shirts and ties so much to create various looks.

So, I will supposed those are the only two jacket colors available.

With the blue striped tie, blue and not gray suit. I think a nice white shirt does the job. Preferably a darker blue suit but one cannot buy a suit just for this purpose(or shouldn't). Could it be gray? Sure but it is not coming off so great to me. 

As for your pink/white tie difficulty, it seems you don't want the shirt to background one of the colors. So pink and white would be out.

I am having more of an issue picturing the ensembles than I should or would like but I am going to suggest a solid blue shirt with white contrasting collar/cuffs. Maybe a bit much of a look for you but I think it will work if the correct shirt is chosen. The blue should not be too dark or that awful Royal blue that should be banned from so many cheap dress shirts and the cuffs should be single or double cuffs(cufflinks required) not button holed.

And that could go with ELG's mid gray suit rec.

Though I think blue as well. And since this is quite difficult and really some experimentation is in order, I would just bring the tie to a shop and match them up. While I don't think your white on white concern is complete folly, I would be tempted to see the pink/white tie on a white shirt.

Might work, somehow. 

And the same might go for a pink shirt that is a contrasting shade.

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