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I think that may mean you have high or low shoulders (not sure which). I don't think it's something that can be altered out but a MTM/custom shirtmaker may be able to make you something to accomodate it.
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I got picky about fit only after I already started buying decent quality shirts. I got my tailor to take in the sides and shorten/narrow the sleeves on 15 shirts for $22.00 each.

They turned out fine, but I would not do it again. I now shop two different Nordstrom Rack stores and buy shirts that fit well right off their clearance tables for $20.00 each. If I want a specific color that is never of clearance or a really exceptional fit, I just order from Jantzen at about $50.00 ea.
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Originally Posted by dapperdude
I have this problem where my shirts kind of pull in the chest. Between the button below the top one, and the shoulder, there is this visible crease/wrinkle on each side. I can't size up because then it would be too loose in the neck and/or sleeve, and probably too loose elsewhere. Can this kind of thing be fixed by a good tailor?

if what you mean is that its too tight across that area then, sorry but there is no way to make it wider any where on a shirt.
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