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Cucinelli Tux/Shoe Combo Question

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I posted this in the "ask a question..." thread but though maybe I'd get a little more input if I started my own thread.


I am attending a creative black tie event this upcoming weekend and plan on wearing a grey Cucinelli tux.  I have three options for footwear and am not sure what I should do so am hoping someone may provide some guidance.


Option 1 is a BC boot.  Seems that most of the time I see this tux in photos the folks wearing them are wearing something similar to this.  I tend to think that it looks somewhat ridiculous in the photos I've seen but for whatever reason this doesn't look awful when I look at the picture below:



The second option that I am considering is a pair of AE Park Aves.



And finally option #3 is to find another pair of shoes in the closet or to buy a pair this week.  If you would suggest this option perhaps you could throw out a recommendation?


Much appreciated.  Have a great weekend.

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Well I'll admit firstly that I don't like the idea of a grey tux. That said, stay far away from wearing the first shoes with this tux. I wouldn't recommend the second either, although between the two they're the better choice. What about some Belgians?
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