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Where to buy 2" silk skinny ties? - Page 2

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Dior Homme,..they're like $165 each and pure silk handmade. Lots of staid and more unusual patterns.
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I'm sure Hober ties would make a 2 inch tie for you,  They aren't cheap ties, cheaper than $100 though for the basic model and they're absolutely top notch quality.

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And in case you were wondering, although I do see lots of business men here with skinny ties, I am actually a college student. Although I have nothing against wider ties, for casual situations (at least as a young person in Tokyo) skinny ties are considerably less formal. If I wear a skinny tie here, its fine, but if I were a wider tie people start asking why I'm so dressed up

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In this case I recommend knit ties. Which are also skinny.
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Dior Homme ties are a tad pricier than mentioned—The ones I showed you are all $190+.. Knit ties are a good idea because they can be worn more casually.. Charvet has some skinny(ish) knits in a host of colors—here's one that I just bought. I think Drake's knits may be even skinnier and have hand-sewn dots.. You can also try Thom Browne.





on shopthefinest they have a few Borrelli 2.25 knits at half price and Kent Wang has some cheaper ones.. 

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I'm quite surprised no one has mentioned yet. They have quite a wide selection of what the OP is looking for, and at $15 a tie they're pretty much a steal. Quality is probably not terribly great, but you can't really complain at that price.

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the tiebar has no 2" only 2.5"

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Originally Posted by pnewelljr View Post

I've lived here for the past three years and have observed a lot of different people and am completely comfortable making that generalization. And in case your wanted to know, every tie United Arrows sells is 2".... It's the price that's more the issue for me because I am a student (they come out to about $100 with the exchange rate)


It always helps to be specific when you're asking for advice. I gave you useful advice based on what you asked - and yes, thanks, I did know that United Arrows stocks this kind of thing, that's why I suggested them to you. You said that you couldn't find these ties anywhere, which is a bit different than saying that you could find them but you couldn't afford them.


So, $100 (US, I presume) is too much. You want cheaper, 2" silk ties. How cheap? What are you prepared to pay? How many do you think you need?  etc.

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I'm looking for the $50 price range. Silk, cotten, linen, cord. I just want decent ties I guess.

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Just for anyone looking for the same thing, I have yet to find decent silk ones, but these ties seem very nice and are made in the USA.

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Those are as good as you will get for that price range. You could also try The Knottery, but I think the narrowest they do is 2.25 on square-ended knitted ties. You are really unlikely to find a wide range or choice tat gives you a combination of quality and 2" width in the price range you want, because 2" is a rather extreme 'fashionable' tie width not conventional male style.

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The width of your tie directly correlates to the width of your cawk. Any tie that is less than 7 inches wide is just embarrassing.

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Here are some silk ties at 2" I found. Lots of colors and styles. I dont know about the quality though

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I buy my ties from Good selection, all silk skinny and classic size neckties. Also a good selection of silk bow ties and other accessories. Fast service, btw.

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You're welcome. 

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