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Dress better as the boss?

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Hi everyone,  
I know there are lots of discussions of whether you should dress better than the boss or not, but what if you are the boss? Should the boss dress better than the employees?   I am the CEO of a firm in the advertising industry in New York City. The dress code here is business casual. The men usually dress in collared shirts with pants, sometimes jeans, no tie ever. I dress in my suit minus the jacket and tie, with suit jacket when weather is cooler.  I really don't mind it if an employee outdresses me, I just personally want to improve the way I dress.
I've been thinking of dressing down a bit as I feel that a suit without the jacket is a bit overdressed and may come off a little stuffy or not as stylish in a business casual office. I still want to make sure that I am dressed appropriatetly as the boss however.  
Would, for example, a more casual collared shirt and jacket with tie be considered overdressed for the business casual office? Would the same be better without a tie? Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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I am working in a leadig advertising agency in Denmark and the dresscode is as causal as it gets even within the management. I wish I could wear a suit and tie everyday, but it seems ackward to dress like that when everybody else is wearing jeans and t-shirt.

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Whichever way you go, I would probably not wear just the pants to your suits. I don't wear suits enough myself to run into this issue, but from my reading here, it sounds like the pants wear out faster than the jacket as it is, to the point that people will get two pairs of trouser with the jacket. If you aren't going to wear the jacket, I'd wear pants bought as separates.
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Why not sports coats with nice pants instead of suits? Maybe ocbd no tie
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Replace your suit pants with casual pants, perhaps some cotton, and wear a jacket or blazer. Should still look casual yet with more completeness and options for style. If heat is an issue, choose lighter and cooler fabrics.
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If you work in at an ad agency, chances are the accounts people will be hard to surpass in regards to being well-dressed.

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Thanks for the responses everyone.  


indesertum, what does "ocbd" mean ? 


Since most of the replies suggest that I do wear a blazer,  I am thinking that I should dress up a bit more than my employees?


Also any suggestions for brands that carry nice business casual clothing ? 



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Originally Posted by m1010 View Post

Thanks for the responses everyone.  

indesertum, what does "ocbd" mean ? 

Oxford Cloth Buttondown.

Think of your typical Polo buttondown shirt.
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Leaders should be a good example to others. In all ways, not just work ethic, knowledge and ability, but also in dress. Of course, your look should portray the message you want to send.
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See senior and dubiously honored member gdl203's Friday outfits.
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What message are you trying to convey? If you want the whole office to dress better then the example starts with you. If you want to be the "cool" boss then it's ok to wear similar items as your employees.

Regardless of your office's vibe, I personally think it is very important to set the tone that certain situations call for everyone to step up their game. If clients never come to your office, then setting the tone that chinos and polos is acceptable is fine. But when the sales team meets a client then you need to at minimum dress one level above the person you're meeting. If the client is in chinos and polo, then you are trousers and sport coat. If they are in blazers, you're putting on a tie.

I work in banking where we wear suits 4 days a week and business casual on Friday. For my boss, that means taking off his tie but still wearing a suit. It's his way of saying that we should be mostly formal at all times.
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I agree that dressing well as the boss certainly sets an example for your entire staff that looking good says a lot about a person's confidence and self-worth.

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Shouldn't all types of dress being allowed in creative industry? Suit and tie is "eccentric" not "better" or more "costly"...

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My boss doesn't know his butt from his elbow when it comes to dressing. Wearing trousers and shoes is classed as dressing up for him so I'll stick to what I know and let other people worrying about it.

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