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Hey everyone, first time poster here. Long time reader first time poster.


So I'm actually from Sydney, Australia and will beginning an office job early next year requiring me to wear a suit to work everyday.


Now, I'm going to HK at the end of the year (among other asian countries) and was planning to get 2 suits for the summer from there for three reasons: more selection (many brands aren't offered in Australia), praise for bespoke value for money there and it is overall cheaper than buying in Sydney.


My budget per suit would be between $800AUD-$1600AUD (approx. 6400HKD-12800HKD) I know it is a big range. The reason I set the minimum of $800 is because I highly doubt I can get any sort of quality suit for less than $800 and the maximum of $1600 was set because I am happy to go higher given that the quality and cut of the suit is worth the extra in cost. But obviously the lower the cost the better as long as it doesn't sacrifice quality.


I am approximately 178-180cm tall and weigh 72kg, I am generally quit fit and will hopefully achieve a learn athletic build by then. For this reason I was leaning towards RLBL suits, as they have a slimmer look (which is exactly what I am looking for) and are half or fully canvassed, for a price that should  be in my price range. I've also looked at Bespoke suits but tailors like WW Chan are too expensive and tailors like Jantzen get mixed reviews often.( I will however probably get my shirts tailored at Jantzen)


I am very open to all sorts of suggestions given the needs that I've stated. I'm not 100% sure that RLBL falls into my price range so I wanted to get some other ideas incase they are not in my price range.


Thanks in advance guys, I really appreciate the input you all give!