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Not saying you're wrong to feel that way, but why?
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Sometimes I double the thread. When not in the knot the strands are parallel. This I do with thinner threads. With button hole twist, then single. With jeans I don't want twist, so doubled thread. Then there is- gimp, twisted thread, twisted twist, twist doubled on the needle untwisted, or, the same with thread. So, a number of combinations. And, where do you want the knots? Between the layers of cloth, level with the gimp, or some other method, such as between gimp and cloth?
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Originally Posted by VRaivio View Post

After the asola lucida buttonhole, I've always held Truzzi's holes the best-looking. Theirs is a rounded look though the individual stitches are fairly sparse.

After having stepped away from Truzzi RTW shirts due to having found a bespoke shirtmaker, I felt I missed their buttonholes and so went back to a shop selling Truzzi shirts to try some. Either they have changed the patterns or I have changed my approach to fit and found them to not fit me properly so I opted for the MTM service Truzzi offers through the retailer.

After having received the final shirt and having worn it for some time I can say that I am a bit disappointed and feel that the quality has decreased (au contraire, the price went up!). The fit was not perfect when new (I suspect the shop assistant misinterpreted some of the adjustment I suggested) but it even got worse after some washes because the shirt shrank (an I have older RTW Truzzi shirts that still fit me better than this one after many years of use), the buttonholes are far worse than they used to be, they do not offer their usual tall MOP buttons anymore but changed to a larger and thinner model that I do not like.

One thing that remained at the usual top-level is their incredible pattern matching.

All considered, I am very probably not going to buy a Truzzi anymore (and I am a bit sad about this...) but will stick to my actual shirtmaker (that I really appreciate and, in my view, offers a better quality at a lower price point than Truzzi).


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From today's outfit


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Ah! -- shirts' buttonholes got accepted. How about this one? Still not sure if I like it or not quite...


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It is the firs time I see a "rectangular" buttonhole, but I definitely appreciate it!
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