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Do these count?





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Lovely, who's the maker?

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Originally Posted by mactire View Post

Lovely, who's the maker?

Thanks, the maker is Camiceria Piccolo, this one is a shirt made with a mix of cotton and cachemire, very soft and warm...

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^^Those were made by machine.
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I love this thread and don't want to see it die!


Unknown Bespoke suit (handsewn buttonholes even on the pants)

Corneliani Sport Coat with working cuffs (very nice shape imo -not from corneliani)

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I thought some members might like the not so close up of the handmade Milanese buttonhole on the bespoke linen sport-coat I'm having made at the moment. You can click on the images to zoom.

I'll have some more image of the buttonholes, when it's finished in a few weeks, as well as a video showing how a Milanese buttonhole is made.



For this coat, we're also doing a unique fish-shaped buttonhole for the final hole on each sleeve. The image below is a draft example, before the final ones are sewn in:


cmp3.10.3.1Lq4 0xf348959e




The full post can be found here, for anyone interested in reading more:



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It seems like the best looking hand-made buttonholes look the most like (good) machine made ones. It's a funny area.
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They are done a completely different way and don't look alike (especially Milanese). I don't think you can compare them. Handsewn button holes use a single thread on a precut hole that is knotted at every step.
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I realize that the construction is different.

What I'm saying is that perfect handmade ones look, to a non-afficionado of buttonholes, much like machine made buttonholes. They're only notably handmade when they are badly (sloppily) done.

You have to be pretty deep into clothing construction to appreciate them.
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Mary Frittolini:

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After the asola lucida buttonhole, I've always held Truzzi's holes the best-looking. Theirs is a rounded look though the individual stitches are fairly sparse.
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Handsewn buttonhole, button and tack on a screen-printed linen bespoke shirt by Camiceria Piccolo

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Oddly this jacket has hand sewn buttonholes but the buttons are non-functional

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