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Advice for matching tie with pinstripe suit

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I have a black three piece pinstripe suit that I'm planning to wear with a lavender/purple colored shirt. I was wondering if this tie would be appropriate: 



The pattern doesn't appear to contrast too much with the color of the tie so I'm assuming it would be alright. Any thoughts?

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I've always thought a little contrast from the shirt to the tie is nice. Can you post a picture of the shirt and suit on you without a tie? That might help.

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Also, what shoes are you going to wear?
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I'm not fan of monotone tie to shirt matches and that seems to be a real likelihood here.
Maybe a white shirt with that tie?
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Here's a picture, the color came out a little lighter because of the flash but the shirt itself is a fairly light shade of purple. I was thinking about buying a pair of moccasins but I read that oxfords are a better choice with this type of suit.

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Definitely go with the oxfords.


As a disclaimer, I'm not an expert, and am just going by what I would think looks good. I know you're looking for a second opinion in addition to your own thoughts, so I'm just throwing them out there.

As for ties, I think a darker color would be nice to offset the shirt. Not so dark as the suit, but somewhere in between.


Maybe for something simple, give this a shot:





If you're still digging your original selection, though, I like this one as an alternative because it's a bit darker:



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Thanks, I appreciate the advice!

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I have several pinstripe suits that range from almost black to lighter navy. I'm not a fan of strong patterned ties with pinstripe suits -- they look too "busy." My favorite ties for pinstripe suits are pin-dots -- small white dots against a red or blue background with a white or light blue shirt.
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I guess a really dark purple grenadine would be good with the combo you want to use?

or something like this:

ESPECIALLY if you are wearing a vest, you need a more subdued tie. Your suit is loud, make sure your shirt and tie are not.

edit: by the way, these pics are both from Kent Wang
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Thanks for the suggestions.

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Are you dead set on purple? None of those ties look very appealing to me. I'd suggest something like this:

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All of the ties you have selected look horrible.

Please choose a white shirt with a dark red or maroon color tie, with smal white
pin dots or polkadots.

This will give you a nice contrast, and still be dressy.
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