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Shirt/Tie combo: Does it work?

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Thanks in advance.

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I'm no expert but I'm going to say no and predict a chorus of negativity.

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I don't like the tie or the shirt, an I don't like them together. Sorry.
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No because it is hanging sideways.
(no if hanging down too)
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No need to be sorry - I appreciate the feedback. I actually don't like the tie either, but it was a gift, and I'm trying to make it work... This was my last ditch effort.
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I think it can work!

Maybe not day to day, but definitely for an event or to a business meeting etc. Just make sure the tie isn't too wide!

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Never been a big fan of large paisley patterns, also that shirt and tie do not like each other at all.
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At the very least try it with a solid shirt, and maybe something tweedy or flannel. The tie seems shiny though...hopefully that's just the pic. Paisley shiny = bad. Paisley matte = good.
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the tie is wearable, but not in the busy combo you have there.

pair it with a plain shirt and you should be fine.
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Use a solid shirt maybe white or beige.

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You need a plain burgundy tie I think

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Shirt/tie combo is too busy. Try a plain tie in burgundy, navy, grey or dark green.

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It doesn't work for my taste. I'm all for subtle and solids prints when it comes to ties.

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Just keep the tie solid at least.

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No, don't wear a burgundy tie of any kind with that red checked shirt. It looks matchy. Wear a navy knit tie. Also, that's more a sportcoat shirt than a suit shirt. So wear it with a knit tie, sportcoat, odd trousers.
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