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Since I have not been on in awhile, how is everyone?
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How is that new job going? Im going to assume you've been busy with that for the past few months.
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Actually, a lot has been going on. As you know, I went in-house at a company. Well, after being there for 6 weeks, they asked me to be the general counsel to all 11 of their companies (subsidiaries and affiliates); so they paid me to start my own firm. Since that time, I have hired 2 paralegals, 4 attorneys, and a few secretaries. We are now the general counsel to over 35 companies and countless entertainment clientele. As you can imagine, this has kept me SUPER busy (Traub & Associates in Atlanta for those who are in the area and care to stop in and say hi). Its a whole different world than being an associate at a big firm, but the $$ is ridiculous.
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Congrats. Thats great to hear. How was the wedding?
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Oh.....Have you been hitting the gym, or are you shrinking up at your desk
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The wedding went great. And I am not shrinking up at my desk, but rather expanding (I think that my gut can now reach over the edge of the desk). Actually, my office is right next to my gym..
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Any new Cigars to try? I just bought a box of Padron 1964 Ani's that I'm waiting on.
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Lately, I have been hooked on the Fuente Hemingway series (the short story is a great quick smoke). The Padron '64 series is truly an amazing puff. Enjoy.
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Yeah, I actually bought a couple of them off of your suggestion, they were a good smoke. My only problem is they are tough to find in Denver.
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