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Originally Posted by NathalieMartin View Post

Hi All,

I need your opinion and any tips you can give...

My husband and I have been invited to a black tie ball at Christmas and I'm keen to get him to wear a bow tie. He said he would if I got him one and tied it for him, but I've heard it's really difficult. Anyone got any tips on how to tie a perfect bow or recommendations on what designer bow tie to buy? colgate.gif

I suggest getting one from Great Bows. They make a nice formal bow and, best of all, they'll make it to order so you can choose the size of your bow to best match your spouse's face shape and size.
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Thanks Mute, their 'bumptious' guide is very helpful, I have been trying this out on some old scraps of material I have in a sewing box, hopefully it will look better when I actually get the bow tie! :)


I actually ended up getting one from Black.co.uk after my Dad said that is where he got his from! If any of you are looking they have some very lovely ties, bow ties and all sorts of luxury accessories (http://www.black.co.uk/content/him-1015.cfm)


Thank you all! :bigstar:

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