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Hi Michael, I appreciate the response

I actually found an excellent video on YouTube last night which solved my problem! I will find and link it here as it really was top notch

Again, many thanks for the help
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This was the video I watched that helped me
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Originally Posted by 12345Michael54321 View Post

Yes and no.

A bow tie, with a 2-button suit, can leave a significant expanse of shirt front showing. Maybe too much shirt. Depends to a great extent on the suit, and the build of the man wearing it. And on one's personal taste, of course.

So some men prefer to wear a bow tie only with a 3-button suit (or at least a 2-button suit which has a somewhat high button stance). Or only with a 3-piece suit. Or only when wearing a sweater (or sweater vest) with the 2-button suit.

Other men find the 2-button suit w/bow tie look to be entirely unobjectionable, don't think regard it as any sartorial sin to show some shirt front, and don't worry about the whole thing.


I am in the latter category, however, there is another solution: wear a full suit i.e. three piece.  Watch this space.  In the mean time, casual-ish bow tie and sports jacket today: shirt front and all.



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Here you go: no exposed shirt issues with a full suit.


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Just discovered SF not too long ago and stumbled onto this thread! I figured since I make my own bow ties, this would be the perfect place to share with y'all. Here's some of my most recent creations.



I borrowed my dad's DSLR and soon after finding a lightbox DIY on youtube, I ended up taking these shots last week. The first two images are the exact same ones, but the left image was produced after a bit hue adjustments.





Hope y'all enjoy!

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And here is another bespoke vintage bow ties. It is always a vintage silk hand-printed many years ago. The measures were first chosen by the customer.

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