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What career do you wish you had pursued?

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Was speaking with a couple of my young cousins this weekend about what their plans are as they begin University this week; I offered them what little wisdom I could based on the choices I've made.

My wife is a lawyer, and though she does enjoy it she says that becoming a chartered accountant would have been a better choice; less schooling, better hours, mobility.

I work in corporate finance; I don't like the work but I enjoy the people I work with and the compensation is reasonable. Now that I'm married and settled down, I have fantasies of living in a smaller community with a small professional practice, probably dentistry (not going to happen at this point in life).

Knowing what you know now, would you have followed a different career path?
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Done a business degree instead of English. Lot more to do with one of those and, honestly, my degree-relevant skills were honed more during personal creative writing and post-graduation, on-the-job training.
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Academic career in humanities. Corporate law is a bore. Sold myself for money.
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I would have taken up aviation.
As a matter of fact, I still might.

Speaking with numerous pilots, the large carriers are all looking for 2 things: Flight hours and a bachelors degree.

Most students coming through flight school (We have the largest in the country in my city) either have a 2 year college course, or no post-secondary (aside from pilots training).
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man whore.

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man whore.

Contact Neo to demo yourself...
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It took me a long time to settle on engineering so So I think I still would end up there. It would, however, have been nice to have figured it out a little bit earlier in life and got my career started sooner.
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Would have learned computer engineering since it gives real, hard skills.  I did a business undergraduate, but I think I would have been better off just getting an MBA afterwards. Now, my main selling points are Excel skills and strategy fluff.  Not to mention developers are such a hot commodity right now.  All the great innovators and tech guys?  Engineers.

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Federal Police or Military police

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dentist. because criminal law is lame.

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Still considering Engineering or Medicine. Love both, but for very different reason. 

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I'm in the career I wanted but not the particular job. Better grades and motivation in college would've settled that. Anyway, hopefully in a few years I'd be where I want to be.
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dentist. because criminal law is lame.
And sticking your hands in people's nasty mouths is exciting?
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If I knew at 14 what I know now? Would have busted my ass and done either Ivy law or MBA.
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