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Leather Wallet: advice needed . . .

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I'm looking to buy a credit card holder/wallet and have limited my search down to Loewe (250 euros) or the Santa Croce school in Florence (60 euros) based on function and form.

I honestly can't tell much of a difference in feel. Do you all think there is that much of a difference at the high end of leather goods in terms of quality?
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That largely depends on the leather employed and the quality of handwork done. You should see at the edges and the stitching if the quality is comparable. If the stitching is very symmetric, and the edges are done well than there should be no difference. Although it is quite difficult to tell the longterm quality of the leather. Loewe however is well known for using good leather. Maybe you should widen your selection as well. 250 € for a wallet without hand stitching is at the upper end of the ladder though.

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If you were looking for a good hand stitched wallet and in a reasonable price, you should have also checked this brand http://www.atelierpall.com/handmade-leather-wallets/


Here is my wallet from them. Cheers!


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