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First Splurge! ON a shell cordovan wallet! (Advice etc)

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Hello Everyone,

This is KenjiKen and today I am splurging on a Shell Cordovan

wallet! My recent wallet has been outdated and after looking

on the forum- as well as doing my own research, I have compiled

a list of wallets that I am looking to purchase. Give me your



First wallet is a shell cordovan bifold. I'm not

a huge fan of the bi fold but I have heard some

good reviews of it. 


Here's another wallet, perhaps my favorite!


Found from this website


Here's a chester mox shelll cordovan flap wallet (

a lot cheaper than the Makr one)



Here's a cordovan stitchless wallet? Never heard of them

found from https://theleathershop.com/


Here's another one I found- not digging the color scheme,

but it definetley looks different!

Also found at http://blog.dalucastraps.com/daluca-straps-horween-chromexcel-and-shell-cordovan-wallets/


Okay, it's either this one or the first one!

Found from https://theleathershop.com/



What are your guy's thoughts?

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I'm a fan of the 2 wallet method. Card case for cards, billfold for bills. both as slim as possible to keep from accumulating junk.

Leffot Fold for bills (daily use for about a year, the cordovan has aged really well, I use mine inside-out, so the silver stamp can be seen without having to open it) http://uncrate.com/p/2010/10/leffot-fold-wallet-xl.jpg

Makr angle wallet for cards (in Kangaroo, which they don't make anymore, because of how thin the leather is compared to cordovan. it has also aged really well after 2 years of daily use)

Pick a style that works for your needs. My pants are too tight to have anything bulky.
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Hello master player!

That seems quite sound, a seperate

case for cards and for bills. I know what you mean,

I wear slim fit chinos, and skinny jeans so bulky

wallets can be a pain sometimes. 

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Just recieved my shell cordovan card holder

in the mail, I will soon post pics of it!

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Pics coming up soon,

after a long hiatus I have broken in the 

'cordovan card holder

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Bump, pictures up!




and here it is from a different view





Overall impressions: It works great for cards. I keep my ID

credit cards and what not in it. It's slim and also shell cordovan so

I've noticed it "breaking in."


More coming up soon. 

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