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High-End sock brands

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My fathers birthday is approaching and I was looking at getting him some top of the line socks. Thing is I have no clue who makes the best socks. I was looking at getting him a pair of Polo cashmere socks, but I am not sure of the durability or wearablity in the warmer weather here in SC. What sock brands are the best?
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Whats your opinion on these cashmere Polo "made in england" socks?

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I'm wearing some Polo cashmere (blend) socks right now. They are excellent - even below the calf they stay up pretty well, and they've held up quite well through quite a few washings/wearings. However, I wouldn't pay a whole lot for them, because I can tell they won't last as long as wool socks would. I got mine at Marshalls or somewhere like that for under $10 on clearance (probably more like $5-6) and I consider that a good deal.

All that said, they are very warm and occasionally too warm to wear (sometimes they get so warm my feet sweat and then get uncomfortably chilled). If you're in warmer weather it might be better to find him some good quality over the calf merino wool socks, which do well in warm and cold weather, and will last longer as well.
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I was in a workshop taught by the artist Kevin Berlin, who also happened to be an enterprising producer of luxury socks. He's a great, eccentric guy.
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Originally Posted by acidicboy
+1 Try Alex Kabbaz for a great range. There are quite a few on sale at Sierra Trading Post right now, too. The Bresciani socks at STP are also pretty good.
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The most comfortable dress socks I've found are merino wool dress socks by Smart Wool.

They are a tad thicker than some of the others, which I like. Merino wool has a great temperature comfort range and excellent moisture management.

I don't wear anything else.
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I bought him a pair of Sea Island cotton socks. Seemed interesting, and something you can't find everywhere.
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I have many pairs of Zegna Wool OTC socks, and are by fair my favorite in terms of style, quality, and comfort.
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With some Pantherella, the heel becomes transparent, before the 1 year, anniversary.
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Is canary yellow too bold of a color? It looks like it would be a nice pale yellow to wear with casual pants.
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falke makes some nice socks as well
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