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An interesting light is always a plus. I have these. They are post WWII from Birmingham, UK.

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If you are looking at an Aeron chair, ask about the polished aluminum version. If you have other polished silver metals in your office it really ties them together. Also, get the leather armrests. They are a bit more comfortable.

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Heh, candlewax and family seals, enclosed shrimp habitats, awards, artwork....sound like a buncha French Dukes in here.

Most important thing to me.....a second monitor. Having two screens really helps productivity if you know how to use them. Shame most people who have two screens use them to goof off so there seems to be a stereotype that multiple monitor users are slackers, but nothing could be further from the truth in my case.
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Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

An interesting light is always a plus. I have these. They are post WWII from Birmingham, UK.

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Corny as this sounds:

Box of cigars. Unopened. On a regular basis, be sure to slip your underlings a box as a reward for a job well done. It's the classy version of a Starbucks card, especially among men.

Tea. Keep a small box with lots of different kinds. Herbal tea can be a godsend if you're working the 18-hour workday.

Bottle of Advil, antacids, caffeine pills, sleep aids.

Bible. You would be amazed how many people want to share their only passion, and for many people, they're religious.

Memory stick. Get several and give them to bosses along with important files. They'll use them, toss them in their desk and return them by the time they're obsolete. Plus it makes their lives easier, and that's what a good assistant does.


Just some stuff I like to keep on hand. If your boss lets you, get your hands on a junkcatcher. They're a a godsend for keeping track of current papers.
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Just finished my routine this morning and noted that a lint roller is a must. There are lots of good ideas here but this, IMO, is a crucial bit for those of us "blessed" with household pets.
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^ Lint roller has already been covered brah.
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I also forgot grooming supplies: I have floss, shoe horn, gum/breathmints, comb, cologne, lint roller and mouthwash. I also have these great wingman "bodywipes" that are great for getting refreshed if you live in a sweaty/muggy climate (
I also have a letter opener and scissors.
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Clearly missed that point.

I would add that if you have a fridge in your office salad dressing is a good keeper. I just got back from purchasing a salad and I normally get the dressing at the shop but I forgot today and my fridge is empty of dressing...
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Originally Posted by globetrotter View Post

world map
awards/pictures of me receiving awards
I have an art print from each major market I do business in, framed - a jazz club advertisement from paris, a cigerette ad from the 20's from china, a circus poster from czech republic, a travel ad from brazil, etc
clean shirt wrapped for emergencies
hat rack
mini fridge

With how often you are in your you just spend most of your time throwing out bad things from your minifridge?
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JLC Atmos clock. Nothing serves better as a conversation starter than perpetual motion! The older ones can be found on ebay for a few hundred, or you can pony up for the crazy looking newer ones.

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Was interested in this, and did a little more research after reading the negative review. I'd avoid. These little shrimps have a 10 year lifespan in the wild, but 2 years or less in this "habitat" due to slow starvation and continuous slow rise in ammonia level in the water. Probably not a big deal to most, but I figured I'd throw that out there in case anyone cared.

Originally Posted by byau View Post

Something else that always generates a ton of conversation is an Ecosphere... these are completely enclosed habitats with little shrimps swimming around:

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Anyone care to snap some shots of their office? Mine is pretty bare, need some inspiration..
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Get some nice vintage desk accessories and a fountain pen.

desk (6 of 6).jpg
desk (5 of 6).jpg
desk (4 of 6).jpg
desk (3 of 6).jpg
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