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Must haves for desk/office?

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Moved in a new office that has nothing in it but a shitty old Dell computer. Already got a nice keyboard and mouspad, working on finding a mouse I like. Next is a nice ergonomic chair, but I think that might take me a while to find.

What are some things that you couldn't live without on your desk or in your office? Anything from a type of pen, notebook, organizing bins to art work or headphones.

Anyone have any recommendations? (On chairs, too)
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I normally keep a gun on mine, I find it quite useful to use when people ask me to do things.
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memo pad to doodle on
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It's not on my desk but I really like having a networked sheet-feeding scanner (scans go to email/Evernote). I wish I had a ScanSnap though.
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A.  USB hub with 10 ports

1) External hard drive 

2) USB stick

3) USB stick

4) USB stick

5) USB handheld massager

6) Printer

7) Wired mouse (I just like how its more responsive)

8) Wired keyboard (I just like how its more responsive)

9) Open

10) Open


B.  A stack of 8"x11" paper which has 9 PowerPoint-slide-dimensioned outlines printed on them... for slide doodling

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About to get these, with a bunch of marketing/stats/general business/laws of power, win friends and influence people, the prince ect... books to put between:


Lamy multi-function pen/pencel and Field Notes steno pad:


Had this, they died out in about 4 weeks, best conversation piece so far. People loved this:


On the walls I pin up my advertisements, ones from competitors, and pictures of idols of my profession.
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I want to get some sort of interesting plant for my desk. I'm thinking venus fly traps.
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Something else that always generates a ton of conversation is an Ecosphere... these are completely enclosed habitats with little shrimps swimming around:



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A 2 litre bottle of water. My health improved dramatically after I started keeping water on-hand throughout the day. Its crazy easy to forget to stay hydrated and your work will suffer for it.
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I don't use bottles. I have a mug I keep on my desk. After my morning tea, I regularly refill it (after cleaning of course) with water. I probably drink at least four ~10 oz cups of water a day. Feel sorry for people who chug soda at their desks.

I have a lot of writing pads for notes, listmaking and doodling.

I have pens I enjoy writing with. One I have from this local hotel and another that's a gift but I seldom use.

I have a desk lamp.

Comfortable as hell Herman Miller chair.

Art - A map of South America and a Matisse (replica).

Keep your desk organized!

I really need a plant or two here.
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REALLY necessary items(aka things that affect performance) in no particular order.


  1. Good pens and pencils. Get the mechanical kind and always have refills on hand. For every writing device that you have, have the exact same one as a backup. If they get lost/stolen etc, you'll be grateful
  2. A large selection of papers. I guess many of you will have to write things down and thus need note paper. Contrary to popular belief not all paper is created equal. Find a paper that you like and buy a lot of it. I recommend that you get paper that already has holes in it so that when you rip it out it's much easier to put in a folder. 
  3. Ergonomically correct chair/desk. 
  4. Non alcoholic/caffeinated drinks(aka tea/water). Try avoiding sodas as the sugar content dehydrates you and all the chemicals in the non sugar ones are cancerous(or so they say). Also, hydrate regularly. A 2% drop below optimal hydration will result in a 10+% drop in concentration power, on top of all the other bad things associated with dehydration. 
  5. Something personal. Why is this essential? When people walk into your office they should be able to connect to you. The easiest way to facilitate that is having something interesting that you can talk about in your office. 
  6. A fresh set of clothes. You never know what might happen. Coffee (or any other) stains are unacceptable.
  7.  2 USB hubs with as many connections as possible. . 
  8. USB sticks. At least 2 high capacity ones for you that you NEVER EVER lend to anyone, and then maybe another 3 cheap low capacity ones that you can lend to other people or use to transfer files. 
  9. A second screen if you have space. Most people would see this as a luxury item but it really improves productivity, especially if you do a lot of work with spreadsheets and word processors, etc. 
  10. Breathmints/Toothpaste+Toothbrush. You never know, and even if it's 7pm, no one wants to smell your stinky breath. 


- Maximator

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I also forgot grooming supplies: I have floss, shoe horn, gum/breathmints, comb, cologne, lint roller and mouthwash. I also have these great wingman "bodywipes" that are great for getting refreshed if you live in a sweaty/muggy climate (

I also have a letter opener and scissors.
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A nice hanger for my jacket.
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human skull
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