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Hello A A

Try the horse hair cloth if you wish. Its the cheaper method, but with the less possible success.
If it does not work it can be removed without damage. but you pay for both the doing and then the undoing.

TO do the major alteration, you must have at least 3/4 of an inch of cloth available beneath the collar.
Thats right there at the curve of the gorge,and up to the shoulder seam line.The measure is along the
shoulder seam line.
. Your tailor will need to break a few stitches to peek inside.
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Thank you. So from the photo you can definitely tell this is a problem of a forward shoulder?


Yes, there is enough cloth left in there to do it. I will discuss it with the tailor and see how it goes. Also, would this alteration affect the balance of the jacket, and the buttoning?

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hi AA

Remember that cloth allowance is measured at the top of the gorge along the shoulder seam line.
Also the the cloth that sticks out as that triangle gets cut off.
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Resuscitating an old thread!


Is the original post what I should be considering asking a tailor for, if my shoulders carry forward / rounded, and jackets tend to feel tight on the nape of my neck?


Sorry, I can't post a photo...

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Feeling pressure at the nape of your neck is something else. You would feel pressure against the tip of your shoulder against the jacket shoulder if forward shoulders were your issue.

If your tailor is able to correct the issue he is competent to diagnose the problem. If he can't diagnose the problem, unlikely he grasps how to fix it.

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Thanks Despos - I will try to get some photos taken. I live in a small town where I don't think there are anything other than seamstress-type alteration shops.

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Hope you can help with suggestions and more explanation on how to fix this (im no expert in tailoring, while my tailor is good - we both could use some help on this one). The front shoulder/collarbone area is creasing/folding in. Many thanks

@Despos@a tailor

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Hello Needwants

Yes you have hit on the correct alteration. That diagonal shoulder kink is the dead give away.
hopefully there is an inch of cloth under the collar. So that there is a 3/4" shift leaving 1/4' to fasten the collar back on.
One inch to work with is ideal, but three quarters will do in a pinch.

This job takes a good deal of working time, that means its not cheap. $$$$$

Good luck

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