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Originally Posted by a tailor View Post

yes TP, its just what you describe,.
If you can go back to other posts like this and photos are there you will
see the problem in a more pronounced state.

Please have pity on me, cause i am a very old man just barely able to
get in and out of the net. put an arrow in a pic? no way to do!


It's great that you're here to impart to us your expertise. I'm grateful. Thanks.

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I'm ressurecting this thread on "forward shoulders" as I have that issue and finally found this good discussion of the problem and solution. The diagram for the "fix" seems backwards to me, but I'm sure not a tailor - just can't picture how that would move the shoulder forward, unless the re-attaching the the suit pulls it in somehow.


Anyhow, has anyone tried this forward shoulder fix? Any idea what a tailor might charge for it?


Also, has anyone ordered a MTM with a forward shoulder adjustment and had good results? Where from?



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The adjustment shown here creates a wider back and throws cloth over the shoulder point to create a bit more ease over the end of your shoulder. If you adjust a finished garment it may create enough change to fix the issue or may not be effective due to limitations of outlets and shoulder construction.

Before you try this adjustment you need to be certain of what issue you have, You may have square shoulders that would create the same pressure on the shoulder point.
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Hi 123abc

I have done a number of this alterations, on rtw and m2m garments.
The customers usual response is," wow what a difference".
What is important is that there is enough cloth under the collar to move out.
At least 3/4 of an inch is needed.
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Originally Posted by a tailor View Post

Hi 123abc

I have done a number of this alterations, on rtw and m2m garments.
The customers usual response is," wow what a difference".
What is important is that there is enough cloth under the collar to move out.
At least 3/4 of an inch is needed.

Hi. Thanks for the info. Can you give an approx. cost of this adjustment? it seems like a lot of taking apart and re-attaching work and also needing significant skills to accomplish. If I know a ballpark on cost I'll know if it's even worth considering vs a bespoke jacket or mtm that allows for this forward shoulder adjustment.


Thanks so much. 

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I was pleased to see this thread resurrected as it addresses the primary problem I encounter in getting a better jacket fit. Unfortunately, however, I have had little success with both asking for the alteration on RTW and trying to accommodate it with MTM. With my last MTM, I was finally able to get my low right shoulder recognized but not its forward pitch. Is there some other manner of explaining/obtaining an adjustment that might still work? Increasing the half-back on that side perhaps or asking for additional outlet through the front of the shoulder for subsequent alteration? When I asked for the shoulder to be "shifted" on an earlier MTM to account for the forward shoulder they ended up "crookening" (?) it, making the garment almost impossible to wear.
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Hey, oldprepguy, let me know if/when you find a solution to this as I have finally figured out no OTR suit will ever sit on my shoulders right and alterations for this are complicated and iffy for results (based on what others have said). Maybe MTM can address it but I think most people just don't even know that this is their issue with suit jackets.


I do find that the jackets sort of mold to my body a bit and feel like a better fit over time, especially nicer made ones.

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MTM to account for the forward shoulder they ended up "crookening" (?) it, making the garment almost impossible to wear. 


The shoulder needs to be straightened not crooked

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Would specifically asking the maker (Southwick) to "straighten" the right shoulder of the base model perhaps better convey my need than requesting that they "shift" it? I've been wearing their Douglas model for roughly 30 years and have only recently had to start asking for tweaks as my posture has changed with age and, coupled with a fair bit of slope overall, my low and forward right shoulder has become more pronounced. I know I probably should just bite the bullet and go bespoke - we have a very well known and respected tailor based here who you probably know that makes beautiful stuff - but I am stubborn and a little cheap when it comes to such things smile.gif
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Not sure you will get the result using Southwick. You have to decide between how uncomfortable it is wearing jackets that are tight on your shoulder and how uncomfortable spending more money would be.
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Sorry but I only check old threads every 3 or 4 months.
Yes they mistook your instructions let them know that. Can you send it back and ask them to straighten the shoulder as much as possible. Or if you are a long time customer try to get them to cut you a new jacket with a straighter shoulder than your previous jacket not this problem one. Or let them do it at their default amount.

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hi Oldprepyguy
Crazy , but this morning I awoke thinking about your problem.
It seems as though Despos predicted it would happen to someone back in sept 2nd 2012.
Scroll back up to post #6. You will see what I mean.

Has the maker done anything to help you?
another thought. You said they "crooked the shoulder" and that was their term. So advise them that they must straighten the shoulder. but they must use the previous suit to start with, not the present one that they did incorrectly.
Look at the suit that you wish them to start with , there is a label in an inside pocket with a order number go with that.
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I am wondering if I have forward shoulders now after reading through this thread. I seldom feel like I have enough mobility in many of my jackets. Specifically mobility is limited when driving or making a "hugging motion". This problem is solved by sizing up normally, but occasionally it makes the shoulders a bit too big. What I mean by this is that mobility is good, but the shoulder seam does not always fall where is should on the shoulder. My tailor (who I believe is fairly competent) always takes my jackets out below the collar because he says I have wider shoulders and my scapula are a bit more pronounced than he normally sees.

From your perspective, do I more likely have forward shoulders or is my tailor correct?
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From the description it may be, but then it may not be a fore ward shoulder.
Print the diagram and see if he thinks it would help.

If you are hugging something nice, then you should not be wearing your jacket.
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... reviving the thread...


I would appreciate the tailors' advice. I have just had delivered a couple of bespoke jackets which I think may have this problem. There is certainly a twisting in the shoulder. The blue herringbone jacket is very soft, lightly canvassed and (I think) without any horsehair. Nothing in the shoulder at all. I had asked for it that way, and to be cut a bit large to wear loose with sweaters. However, the tailor also made the grey flannel suit in the same way, which I wasn't expecting. I don't mind; but they both have this shoulder problem, and previous commissions had not had it. I want to take them back to him for adjustment, but I just want to make sure that this a problem of a forward shoulder first - it certainly improves if I hold my shoulders back. Also, I think it may be worsened by an over-extension of the left shoulder of the jacket. It is definitely worse on that side. Diagnosis? And what's the prognosis? Would adding in a small amount of domette or horsehair improve it too? Suggestions please! Thanks in advance.


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