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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post

I'm suspicious because we seem to get a lot what appears to be paid shills or supposed employees joining SF praising whatever these peeps are trying to sell, like Harry Suits or Executive Custom Tailors, to name two recent ones. Then there's threads where some poor soul is asking for advice about the ill-fitting sartorial disaster they bought online from people like this.
The low price "bespoke tailor" scam is not even a new thing, I remember it happening in the 80s and 90s in the UK. There would be a large-ad in the local paper, an event is held at a local hotel, people pay money, and they either get horrible suits a few weeks/months later or nothing at all. Sure there was even a BBC "Watchdog" consumer report about this as well.


I agree that there's been quite a lot of suspicious new members posting 'what about this suit/shirt from this online company you've never heard of before?' threads.


If the OP is one of those he is a bit more subtle about it because he's posted on a number of other threads in quite normal ways, but that could be just a sign of more skilled PR.

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To reiterate, I don't work for some PR firm, I work at Merrill Lynch while going to college part-time.
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Well, this is implying that a suit from this company would be a disaster.. again, with no business dealings with this company. We all know there is SPAM, we all know there are posters who truly need advice, but to pass judgment on a Company without trying them out seems to be a little odd. Maybe back in the days it was different, maybe there are a few company's out there who are looking to scam you out of money, but how about let the consumer decide for themselves..

For instance, If I feel it is a scam, I will not purchase.. and if I do, well then I just learned my lesson and will pass on the info with definitive proof.. till then, no need for policing, enjoy the forum and positive insight..
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 Hey Gdot, Dubai is a combination of reasons.  Sure, it's not as cheap as China, but the quality and the experience of tailors here is great.  It's about striking the right combination between quality and being able to provide value.  
MikeDT, I was just replying to GBR's inferences about the company to be clear about what we're actually offering.  We don't ghost, just do honest posts about who we are.  I'm actually pretty easy to find on LinkedIn if you if you want to find out more. 
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BBC recently did a feature on Knot Standard and you can check out the homepage for tonnes of other reviews from legitimate sources.  




Hope this helps!

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I ordered 4 shirts from Knot Standard back in November 2013. They took 6 weeks for completion but I wasn't able to pick them up until this past weekend. Needless to say, they missed the boat on the order. I ordered 2 light blue dress shirts, 1 white, and 1 lavendar. The lavendar turned out pink even though they had the correct lavendar for the button stitching. Additionally, I requested no plackets on all 4. Of course all of them had plackets. They offered me 20% off my next order or to remake them. I left with 1 of the light blues (will make do with the placket) and left the other 3 to be remade. I guess that means another 6 weeks.

Fit and material are both good, although I'm not sure the material is worth the price. Why is it the material in the book always feels softer compared to the finished product??

In the end, I don't think I will order from Knot Standard again. Better off ordering through Luxire - could get the same quality of material for half the price and it sounds like their return time is significantly less. Heck, an order and return for error would take the same amount of time as an order with Knot Standard.
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