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Now that this thread has slowed down, it's moving to General.
Well, 98 replies (99 counting mine) not bad at all for my first post (not including my introduction of, um...myself to the forum {sorry, a bit of an Austin Powers moment there}). Jon.
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Showing some love for Ohio Wesleyan!
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nice necro of a four year old thread for no reason...
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
I'm trying to counterbalance the viewpoint that college should be all practical. I feel that not being able to speak intelligently about politics, current affairs, history, art, etc is looked down upon universally, not only among those from the upper classes. To some extent, this is all very high school: The nerds versus the well-rounded, articulate, beautiful students.
What an extraordinary misconception! It's silly to believe that the children of the upper class are somehow more articulate or better qualified to discuss "politics, current affairs, history, or art" than the "nerds" you speak of. The autodidact can become reasonably proficient in those things (certainly politics and current affairs) while it's relatively difficult to become proficient in the same way with something based in math. I went to a prep school, now I double major in Econ (math based) and History (language based) at an Ivy. I think that qualifies me in some way to make these observations. Also, I'm damn glad that what you're saying isn't true. One of the things that makes America competitive is that talent from the middle class keeps rising to take the place of those in the upper class who get Art History degrees at Vassar. If the situation were really as you describe, we'd have a permanent and stultified ruling class instead of the constant social scuffle that is the result of the process I've described.
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enrolled at Parson's The New School for Design, BBA in Design and Management.
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Originally Posted by gregory View Post
To give an example, one who studied nothing but engineering in college may land himself on a job. But when he advances to the upper levels of his company and his community, he will find that he cannot discuss politics, philosophy, art and music with any amount of intelligence. He will, in other words, be outclassed. It is a pitiful feeling to be outclassed, because it dawns upon one that merit in one's field is not sufficient to be accepted.

I'm not convinced by your analysis.

The above scenario is probable if you assume that this person does not have interests outside of his technical career or that he or she doesn't further his or her education in Law or Business.

I'm an engineer by profession, but i take interest in the sartorial arts and I am attending an MBA program. When I was younger I was in music class and toured Europe with my high school band.
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I will be a freshman at Northwestern University in about 17 days.
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jr at shsu, banking/finance is where its at
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Soph at UMDCP Go Terps! Smith School of Business is where it's at.
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Michigan Football may be past its glory days, but we'll always have Michael Phelps...
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The Ohio State University.

...and M!ch!g@n blows.
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Big 10 party here guys...
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Originally Posted by SenorMatador View Post
The Ohio State University. ...and M!ch!g@n blows.
Preach it brother.
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also at osu

if u see anyone wearing raw denim, its probably me
i think ive seen one person wearing nudies in two years
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