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I always get the same haircut, short on sides and back and trim off the top. I can never spike my hair up it always just looks a mess. Can some people recommend me a hair cut? I like the look of this hair cut and wonder if it would work on me, if so what would I ask the barber for? I want a nice haircut that can if wanted to be styled, but nothing to extreme, so a soft hairstyle
I also like the thought of a faux hawk would that work? And what would I ask a barber for if I wanted this i.e. how short on sides , back, top etc.
Im not interested in growing my hair long such as all these kpop stars, what haircuts could you suggest I get now?

I cant afford to go to stylist, jsut barbers, and do barbers use shearing scissors?


This is my hair now, i never realised looking at the sides how bad it is and i feel it makes me look ugly especially bottom left corner one, which exposes my receding hairline

Im going to barbers in next few days and really need someone to recommend a haircut. Also im in uk, anyone know of good places to get london?