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"Critique my suit" -- my turn...

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I've seen a lot, and commented on a few, "critique my suit posts." Now, it's my turn.

Hickey Freeman Collection Barrett Glen Plaid suit with a faint rust over check MTM shirt
Zegna tie
Lorenzo Banfi walnut cap toe shoes

I broke my left leg and collar bone skiing many years ago, so I have a few posture issues.

I know this is a tough crowd, so have at it.




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Okay, I'll start with the obvious. Quarters are too closed. Pants have way too much break which I think may be creating the rippling in the pants legs.
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Indeed quarters too closed and trousers plain too long, not simply break which is a lesser measure. I would also suggest that they are too big - look a the baggy thighs/seat. The vent of the coat is also pulling and if you look at the lower button, hole and button do not line up.

I am glad you like the cloth.
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Most obvious to me (besides trouser length) is that balance is a bit off. The back looks almost OK, perhaps just a tad long as it seems to rest on your butt, and front is short. That's most likely the cause of the closed quarters, slight collar gap and gaping vent. It doesn't look terrible anyways. Trousers are perhaps the worst visual offender. They are too long, and the back also looks rumpled, maybe wearing them a little higher in the back or shortening them from the top back might help. Rise seems a little long too, or you are wearing them too low. If you can pull them up that will obviously help with length too.


I'm no tailor but that's what I can see based on previous experience with my own garments smile.gif

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looks big overall on you...need to taper it in at all place...

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Trousers much too long

Quarters too closed

Vent is opening, which it should not

In general the trousers look really huge ... but than we talk about Hickey Freeman, which has a more generous, boxy cut
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Hi, I'm a new guy here... what does 'quarters too closed' mean??

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Originally Posted by Twotone View Post


As many have pointed out, the pooling fabric around your ankles probably indicates that the slacks are much too long. However, it could also mean that you're not wearing them high enough on your waist. With the jacket closed, there's no way for us to tell, but since...ahem...your crotch is hanging low, the problem is probably the latter. You might need suspenders, rather than a belt, in order to keep your slacks at the proper height. In addition, the slacks are too full through the legs.

To my eye, another problem is that both your shirt and jacket sleeves are too short. You're showing some cuff, which is good, but the jacket sleeve ought to be hitting the break in your wrist, and your shirt sleeve ought to be going just a little beyond that. In the above pic, your shirt cuff is hitting your wrist where your jacket should be.

P.S. Your PS is out of control. Also, I hate that tie. biggrin.gif Seriously, though. Hate it.
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Originally Posted by StumpjumperE View Post

Hi, I'm a new guy here... what does 'quarters too closed' mean??

So new as to be unfamiliar with the Search function?
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collapsing under right sleeve in chest are probably a posture issue. A pad or differently cut shoulder would sort it out.

Shorten left sleeve 1/4" so it matches the right.

You need more room in the seat of the coat.

Blades need cleaning up at the back.

Your sleeves look odd, may be a sleeve pitch issue or has someone altered them badly? I would make sure the pitch is right and clean up those lines.

Trousers too long.

Balance on trousers is off.

Are they too big in the waist? Did you put them on straight? Picture of just the trousers would be good.
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Is this an old suit you are thinking of altering or a new suit?

The jacket balance is off and causes the fronts to cross over in front and makes the center vent fall open. Because it is a plaid you can only adjust for this by shortening the back from the top shoulders. Doubtful it would be 100% correct.

Trousers are too full and too long and the way they hang creates an unattractive disparity between the jacket and the trouser.
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Yes, pretty new.  Thanks for the warm welcome @sshole.

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Wow, Stumpy, cool your heels.
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Why have discussion at all?  Can't everything simply be searched?  It's all been discussed before, right?


I really hate that response.

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Stump - No, everything has not been discussed before. Also, you're not starting a discussion, you're just asking for information. Even if you don't know how to use the SF search function, there's always this other one you can use:

You're new here, there's no reason any members should bend over backwards to welcome you and help you. TB gave you the answer, and added a suggestion, if a snarky one, for you to find answers to your questions in the future. Don't be a dick about it.
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