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a friend asked me for recomendations for resteraunts in Shanghai, one place I don't know. can you help me out?
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Sir Elly's at the Peninsula for French and a great view. T8 for something interesting. Ming Court at the Langham for upscale Chinese (If you bring enough people they'll give you a private room). el Willy for Spanish (i've only had it delivered but it was still great). Jimmy's Kitchen for Western. Piro's for burgers. El Coctel for drinks and finger food. Haiku by Hatsune for sushi. Morton's in Pudong for free steak sandwiches with a martini on Thursday's (5-7 if I remember correctly). If he can find the Noodle Man in the Zhongshan Park area (he'll be next to Skewer Man) it'll be the best dollar he'll ever spend. Loved Shanghai icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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