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Styling tips - 25 year old

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I'm a 25 year old college student and am looking for some styling tips.  I'm usually the kind to wear express or aeropostale t-shirts with jeans and nikes.  I'm looking to do a wardrobe makeover.  Any tips to improve my wardrobe would be greatly appreciated!

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I can relate to your post as I've gone through this phase.  To pull this off you'll need a slow transition which can be accomplished by replacing worn items with the similar ones of better quality.  Also, seasons will help, as you they allow you to introduce new styles w/o too much fuzz.


While it is hard to tell what you should wear w/o knowing who you are and what you aspire to do, you can easily correct some problems. Ditch t-shirts in favor of casual shirts in commonly acceptable colors such as white or light blue.  Replace Nike kicks with Converse (or other tennis shoes popular today). Make sure your jeans are not baggy and at this point you will look like a preppy young person which is quite acceptable for you age and given the fact that you are a college student. When cooler weather comes, put a nice fitting sweater on.  


Then you can upgrade the shoes to loafers or casual kicks of good quality.  Then move to shirts of higher quality and introduce an unstructured sport coat or two.  This casual-preppy look will make you stand out from the traditional business casual disease that has been roaming around the continent for decades. 


Once you get to that point, the next step of evolution -- odd trousers, sport coats, suits, etc. -- will become natural. 

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I'm going through the same process, but am a bit further along (I'm 27.) Replacing t-shirts with nicer casual shirts is essential. Polos, OCBDs, and casual gingham button-downs are where I started. Paying attention to fit is huge, too. Most dudes look sloppy because their clothes are a size too big, especially when it comes to pants. Finally, invest in shoes. They'll make the difference between looking put together and looking like you're trying too hard.

I started by scouring the Internet for websites whose styles I liked, and going from reccomendations there. Put This On, Primer and Dappered are a few I really like, and they also provide great jumping-off points for further research. SF is obviously a great place for research as well, but going through 1000+ page threads can be a bit daunting.
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