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Fit Critique

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First fit post here.  Been lurking for a few weeks.  I wore this today to my business casual(very casual, most men wear polo's) office.  What is your overall opinion of the fit?  Are the pants too big in the hips?  Are they too long?


The sleeves are only rolled up becasue I walked the dog when I got home and it was a little warm.  Sorry for the poor quality photos, I need to work on my lighting. 


Thanks in advance for your input!





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Your khakis need to be hemmed.  They are way too long, and your overall look would be a lot sharper if they were the proper length.

Your shirt also looks too big.  Try a trim fit shirt: you'll never want to wear another regular fit shirt. 

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In general not bad, but the pants definitely need to be shortened a bit and the shirt taken in as well. You could also slim the legs a bit so that they taper slightly, but it's not an emergency.
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Pulling your pants up a bit might help. Like you (appear), I have a longish torso with shorter legs. I've learned that wearing my pants closer to my natural waist gives the appearance of better proportions.
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No, on pulling the pants up. Well, in part.
You have the front jacked up too high and the rear sits lower. It should be reversed if not even.
High waisted sans jacket is not a great thing.
The length of the pants is fine...........if they were jeans.
I cannot imagine it is worth spending money on anything more than hemming the pants.
I would just acquire another pair at that point.
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Guess it's matter of personal preference. If you don't think high waisted sans jacket is a good look, however, you gotta buy low rise slim fit khakis. These appear to me to be full-cut, mid- to high-rise khakis which look as though they're being worn as low rise (on the hips). To my eye, from the front, this gives them a droopy appearance. Judging from the tight fit in the seat, though, perhaps OP has them hiked up as far as they'll go.
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Looks like something out of a 90s Gap ad. Khakis can work, but I only approve of them in their modern incarnation (slim, with rolled-up hems), which is a style that won't work on your muscular build. Hence, I recommend you look into wool pants cut in the traditional way. See this thread for more info and fit pics:
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Shirt too big in waist. Khaki's too big in the thigh on down, and too long. This would be ~$60 to get fixed at a good tailor. I would leave the hips alone.


They are going to seem like expensive and small changes but its worth it.


Also, buy plain blue and white shirts. Something like this should be rare in your wardrobe.

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