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For Sale: Staple Suit: Slim-fit Handmade ~EU46/US36 *new*

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For Sale:
Staple Suit: Slim-fit Handmade ~EU46/US36 *new*

Will Ship To: Anywhere


This is a Kent Wang MtM suit that would fit a US36/EU46 very nicely- slim yet classy. I used one of my 36 RLBL suits for reference while doing the measurements for this suit, so it fits similarly, although much more refined and well-fitting. The suit is of very high quality- certainly better than RLBL. Fabric is a beautiful navy, super 120s, 100% wool. The suit has not been worn and is in pristine condition.

Details (Reference to Kent Wang):
Read here for more details
-Full canvas construction.
-Basted notch lapels, 4''
-Hand-set collar.
-Hand-sewn pick-stitching.
-Handmade buttonholes.
-Horn buttons. Attached with a crow's foot stitch (made by hand).
-Split waistband.
-Pleated curtained waistband.
-Side adjusters.
-Double vented
-Spalla Camicia shoulders.
-Barchetta chest pocket (Slants up slightly)
-100% bemberg, dark gray lining (Looks lighter in photos due to flash)

-Shoulder seam to seam: 16.75''
-Pitt-to-Pitt (Chest): 19''
-Waist: 17.5''
-Length: 28'' back.
-Sleeve length: 24'' +1'' to lengthen. Can be safely shortened 0.75''

-Waist 30.5'' Can be let out 2'' or taken in.
-Rise 10''
-Thigh 12''
-Knee 9.5''
-Leg Opening 7.75''
-Inseam 29.5'' (With 2'' cuffs that can be undone. Also has ~2'' to be lengthened)

Also check out: http://www.styleforum.net/t/316324/new-kent-wang-suit-dark-blue-eu46-us36-handmade/0_100

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Is there any room to be let out in the trouser waist? Id need roughly an inch

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Yes. These trousers can be altered at least 1'' with no problem, and were designed with that possibility in mind. I have actually done this with one of my first Kent Wang suits.
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This is a very nice suit (full canvassed, 12os wool, slim fit) with a reasonable price and I'm sorely tempted. Were it a blue herringbone suit, I would buy it immediately. By the way, could you tell me how tall, how weight are you and how this suit fit you? I'm 5'75", 138 pounds, chest measurement is 36.5 or 37" and normally I wear 36S of Tommy Hilfiger suit.

I'm sorry for my terrible English :)

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