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Sartoria on the down low

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My wife doesn't think I need any more shoes, let alone spendy SF-y new shoes. I beg to differ. Actually, I'd rather not beg, so I have them sent to my office. On the show "Modern Family" a character whose partner participates in a flash mob accuse him of "cheating with choreography;" I feel like I'm cheating on my wife with stylish shoes. Any one else have similar experiences of going behind the significant other's back for fashion?

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You are not going behind her back for fashion. You are an innocent victim of western society where it is frowned upon to go barefoot. In fact you are sucking it up and spending money FOR her as any restaurant that she would like to frequent probably has a "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" policy. And besides, you really are dressing for your wife, so she should appreciate your efforts and your love and devotion. You are not one of those useless husbands who gets married, gains 30 lbs, and sits around at home in sweat pants drinking a beer and watching baseball on the couch.

Don't feel guilty. Always remember, buying a new pair of shoes simply prolongs the life of your other shoes. See, this makes good economic sense. Sloppy, bad shoes are the first sign of a man's decline and descent and an indication of a crumbling marriage. Yes, I made that up right now, but if you tell her you read that won't be lying.

I don't go behind my wife's back, but I don't tell her when I'm off to see my tailor. Sometimes she notices the box that came by courier, and sometimes she asks me if "that" is a new suit. Besides, taking your wife, or girlfriend to your tailor on the Row is a big no-no. I think it's referred to as a hip check.
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Classic post. This is right up alongside the discussion my boss had with me (right after my marriage) where he instructed me to start a "slush fund". One of life's important lessons.
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You are earning money, shouldn't you be able to spend your money at liberty?
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Why do you let your wife boss you around?

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Probably diverging away from the usual content of SF, but my Dad would always cause arguments or give family members crap about buying things (not just clothes), whether or not he paid for them. When I started to get interested in dressing better, I was already wise to his crap, so I kept my shoes in boxes when not being worn and hid them under my bed. Most of my clothes were stored out of sight, so that wasn't too much of a problemĀ  I almost died when a pair of shoes got delivered when I wasn't home, and they had the price on the invoice (even though I paid for them). Luckily for me it was one of his good days, and he just rambled on about how it was worth paying more for good stuff from England. It usually didn't end that way.

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I do exactly the same. Anything I buy gets shipped to the office and released at carefully chosen intervals of time. But then again, I keep a regularly rotating selection of shoes, coats, suits, odd jackets and trousers in the office anyway because I cycle into work and get changed in the office.

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I think it's always a good idea to keep separate his and hers funds to which a small deposit is made every month. Then you and your wife have a small amount of money to spend any way you want. My ex-wife and I did this and it worked out well (Money isn't the reason she's my ex-wife).
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