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Suit newbie seeks help with first bespoke suits.

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Hello, I'm Daniel and I was hoping to get some help with making my first bespoke suits.


Long story short, I'm from Norway, grew up in a middle-class family but as most Norwegians can attest to, style is very informal here. I always thought I had to be rich to afford suits, blazers etc but slowly have invested in some blazers, shirts and ties, and now I'm looking to having a couple of bespoke suits made while I'm in Cairo studying for three months.


I'm open to help, criticism and opinions. I do have some ideas in my mind and hopefully you can tell me if they're OK or just idiotic.


I'm looking to have made two, maybe three suits and one blazer or suit (need help with that one).


First suit I'm looking to have made will be a conservative "business" suit, basically a powersuit that I can use everyday if I get a good job/status, at job interviews, at work, and at formal/semi-formal events (as I mentioned, we aren't that style-aware so there's some leeway when it comes to what's acceptable to wear). I had in mind a single breasted, two button, three piece, pinstripe dark navy blue suit with notched lapels and three pockets. I'm a bit stuck at which color the stripes should have; like both of these styles:




I prefer a quite high west (at least "nipple height") without lapels, as I think this suits my bodyshape more. I'm about 178 cm's, built like a barrel with somewhat small shoulders but with a belly and chest.

The second thing I'm looking for is a double breasted blazer/suit. This I would want in light navy blue (yes, I like navy blue but it's also somewhat of a safe option), with somewhat subdued peaked lapels, because my shoulders aren't that big, and six buttons. I also really want "gold" or brass buttons, and this would of course turn it into a blazer. I read some varying stuff but it seems having a blazer with suit pants in same color/fabric is a no-no, so I guess it would be best with just the blazer?
This is what I'm thinking about:


This would be more like the laps I want, somewhat slimmer and not so flamboyant:


Lastly, I had in mind a more vulgar, party suit for going to the more fancy clubs, New Years Eve with friends etc. I was thinking about a one button suit in birdseye black fabric (preferably something that breathes well and somewhat durable), with small peaked lapels (this is what I'm thinking of: I want to add something red to this suit, however I'm not really sure what would be best of my ideas (if any of them is good):
Either hand-stitch the lapels with a red thread, hand stitch the pocket linings (maybe just breast-pocket?) with red thread, button hole in red thread or buttons with red thread. Do keep in my mind this is just meant to be "stylish" and expressive, NOT for formal events, interviews or daily wear; just peacocking.

Obviously I want the first suit in a good wool 120 or more, the blazer perhaps 100 and the third maybe a low wool or perhaps cotton/blend. I'll have to have a look at what they have in the markets etc when I get to Egypt. I may have found a good tailor that charges about 100 dollar and less for a three piece suit excluding the fabric cost, but they say fabric can be found quite cheap in Cairo.

Well, I hope I provided enough info to get some help and comments, even though I know it is a very long post! All suggestions will be appreciated, although I do have a my own taste! Thanks in advance for all response.

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Not  really sure what your post is really about besides the fact that you know what kind of clothes you want to get next and that I think is a good start. I have not have the pleasure to experience  Egyptian tailoring but from what I hear it's best to be avoided (unless you manage to find a tailor that was recommended to you by a friend or a colleague). Maybe you would be better to jump on a budget airline and try London for some shopping ?


God luck with getting you clothes tailored in Egypt just don't think you will get Savile Row quality for a 100 dollars.

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Whatever you want is fine.

However, there is no way you can buy one suit and wear that everyday for work. It will get worn extremely quickly, people will realize it's the same one, it will get dirty quickly, etc. You'll need at least 3 suits if you'll be wearing them everyday.

For your party suit, I recommend having the false button holes sewed in red thread if you MUST have red thread. It's a little hidden but still very noticable. Elsewhere will look too tacky in my opinion,
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Pretty good choices but you may want to just keep your first bespoke suit for interviews/work simple like a solid 2-piece suit.

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Originally Posted by joeman View Post

Pretty good choices but you may want to just keep your first bespoke suit for interviews/work simple like a solid 2-piece suit.

Agreed on the solid, but why two piece? He can simply not use the vest with a 3 piece.
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